Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity Laser Racer Review

Air Hogs Zero Gravity red
Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer RC Car Review

Our rating: 3 stars

The Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity Laser Racer is said to be able to climb walls and drive around on ceilings as well as the floor.

But does it measure up to buyers’ expectations? We’ll take a look at what customers thought in this Air Hogs Zero Gravity RC car review.

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Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity Car Review Video

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer RC Car Features

* Infrared light tracking sensor technology
* Drives on floors, walls and even ceilings
* Lightweight for climbing walls and ceilings
* Works on clean, smooth surfaces
* Comes in red or blue
* Takes 6 AA batteries (not supplied)
* Age 8+

Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity Laser Racer Review

Since a rather grand entrance onto the market decades ago, remote controlled vehicles of all types have been a resounding success and a hit with both adults and children. There really is a kind of magnetism towards owning and using at least one of these great vehicles! They allow your children the thrills of being able to drive a virtual vehicle for themselves.

Using these remote controlled vehicles has been proven to assist with your child’s development too, in particular with their spatial awareness, eye to hand co ordination, and their technological and engineering skills. There are so many remote control vehicles on the market today and it is fun for adults and children alike to test them out and compare them with one another. However, this Air Hogs Zero Gravity car does have some unique features which will especially appeal to your children; once these are seen they will not be able to wait to test out their new car!

Firstly, there is the new and exciting technology to consider. To operate this car you need to use the hand held controller to shoot out a laser beam of light towards the car. The clever sensor will immediately register where the light has hit and the car will begin to move towards this point. This means that your child is in control of where the vehicle moves, and they can lead it using the laser beam by themselves.

This Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity vehicle is very easy too for younger children to play with and understand how to operate it. There are no complicated instructions or confusing wheel controls to learn how to operate. You simply have to use the remote control to point the laser beam light in the direction you wish the car to travel and the car will move there immediately.

Secondly, this remote control vehicle does not just simply move along your floor’s surface like many standard toy remote cars and that’s where the fun ends. Instead, it uses a special suction device to climb up the walls, along them and even upside down on the ceiling; this is due to it being made of lightweight foam, an excellent choice for this product. Many satisfied customers report that they have had enormous fun racing their vehicle all over their walls and ceilings!

Air Hogs Zero Gravity collageSo, you might wonder why some customers have only awarded this remote vehicle three stars, a fairly average score for such a great product. Well they may have given this rating because this car’s performance can be influenced by exactly how your home is laid out and constructed. This car doesn’t travel along thicker piled carpets or uneven floor surfaces. It may also struggle to move well upon walls which have a rougher textures, such as bricks or uneven wallpapering.

The Air Hogs RC Xero Gravity car runs best on smooth wooden floors which have no gaps in between floor boards, and also upon flat painted walls. Please also be patient when using the light beam and try not to move it around too quickly as the car needs a little time to sense the light. Your car is also quite noisy when in operation so it may be a good idea to operate it further away from those who are sensitive to sound! Also, place your car with consideration as to where you wish it to head towards as it cannot sense objects which are nearby, and therefore can get stuck in corners.

However, if you have the right type of surface for it, which most people do somewhere in their homes, the Air Hogs Laser Zero Gravity car is a real winner with people of all ages. It boasts some unique features, has real novelty value and is so much fun to play with. Although there is some room for improvement with its responsiveness, it comes at an affordable price and is popular with new and old remote control car users alike.

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Our rating: 3 stars

Published January 6th, 2015

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