Baby Genius Jukebox Review

Baby Genius Jukebox mainBaby Genius Be-A-Star Sing-Along Jukebox Review

Our rating: 5 stars

The Baby Genius Sing-Along Jukebox lets kids select songs and listen, dance or sing along to the songs that they pick. There’s a pretend microphone for karaoke style singing and plastic coins to insert. But how well does it entertain a child? Read on to see what we think.


* Plays 40 popular children songs
* Choose to listen with lyrics or without for Karaoke
* Comes with toy microphone
* Plastic coins to insert, like a real jukebox
* Easily portable
* Has volume control
* Easy-press buttons
* Age 3+

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Baby Genius Jukebox Review

Baby Genius Jukebox boxedMost kids like music and the Baby Genius Jukebox is a great way to have them feel in control of what they listen to. They can pick from 40 popular children’s songs and there’s a voice control for the titles so they don’t need to be able to read in order to choose the songs.

There’s a toy microphone that they can hold to sing along with. The microphone is just for play, it doesn’t connect up to anything, but it’s enough to help kids pretend they are a singer on a real stage. At the same time, the jukebox has flashing lights that light up in the rhythm of the song.
Baby Genius Jukebox plain
You also get a DVD with 9 more songs that come with animation videos. Again kids can sing along or just listen. This is a great little extra that adds value to the toy.

The Baby Genius Be-A-Star Sing-Along Jukebox seems well constructed with plenty of the bright colors, lights and sounds that appeal to young children. The sound is clear and realistic. It makes an excellent karaoke machine for kids and they’ll enjoy dancing to the songs too.

Do kids like it?

We checked out some reviews online and this is clearly a big hit with kids. It works right out of the box with batteries included so they don’t have to wait but can start playing the songs as soon as they open their gift. This is great for birthdays and Christmas – it will give them something to play with while you try to construct the rest of their toys!

The only thing we don’t like is the name “Baby Genius” which makes it sound like it’s for babies, and it’s really not. It’s rated for kids age 3 and upward for safety reasons, and a child would need to be at least 2 years old to operate it independently. I guess you could buy it for a baby as long as you keep it out of reach and operate it yourself, but keep in mind the small parts are not safe for under threes.

In summary

All in all, this is a great toy that will entertain toddlers and up to about 6 or 7 years old with no trouble. Any child who likes music and singing – which is almost all little kids – will surely love to receive this as a gift.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published April 23rd, 2013

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