Baby Wanna Walk Review

Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll Review (Hasbro)

Baby Wanna Walk 3 DollsOur rating: 5 stars

The walking, talking Baby Wanna Walk doll from Baby Alive has one key feature that beats the rest: she walks all by herself!

Available in three designs (Baby Wanna Walk African American, Blonde and Brunette) she is sure to be a huge hit with little girls who will love to see her walking to them like a real toddler. She talks too!

Main Features

Baby Wanna Walk with girl* Walks all by herself.
* Talks: over 40 phrases and sounds.
* Comes in African American, Blonde and Brunette.
* Very cute, designed to appeal to girls.
* For ages 3+.

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Video: See Her in Action in the Hasbro Commercial

Why Little Girls Love Baby Wanna Walk

Hold her hands, then let her go and she walks all by herself! Plus she talks. This alone will be enough to make thousands of little girls long to own her! But let’s take a closer look at what makes this doll so popular.

Vertical GroupFirst, it’s great that she comes in not just two but three forms. You can get Baby Wanna Walk African American, Blonde or Brunette. The brunette has a mid-tone skin color, not as pale as the blonde, so she has a Hispanic look. It’s rare to have dolls come in more than two colorings so we’re very happy about this. It’s always nice to see more African American dolls added to the stores too.

Her big selling point is her ability to walk by herself. Most dolls have trouble standing up by themselves let alone walking! But with this doll, your little girl can encourage her to take her first baby steps to Mommy – just like a real baby.

Her legs are powered so that she toddles over flat surfaces with a wobbling walk that looks a lot like a real-life first-time walker. She’s very convincing!

She also talks, with over 40 phrases and sound effects. Some of these are very cute indeed: e.g. she will say “I love you, Mommy!” She often asks to walk or asks for ‘Mommy’ to hold her hand. Kids love this! She looks cute too.

Baby Alive is a high quality brand and this is a well made doll that will handle some fairly rough play from little kids. She’ll be a real hit in any little girl’s den.
Nothing’s Perfect!
Nothing’s perfect – but the Baby Wanna Walk doll comes close in our opinion!

There are a couple things you can’t do with this doll. She’s solid-bodied of course, or she wouldn’t be able to stand up by herself – that means she might not be a favorite for bedtime cuddles. She’s also not suitable for bath play – like most toys with batteries, she should not be immersed in water.

Also, she has trouble walking on uneven surfaces like grass or a very deep pile carpet. She prefers short pile carpets or solid floors. But everything has its limitations and most kids are going to understand that.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an Asian Baby Wanna Walk too? Maybe they’ll come out with that next…


The Baby Wanna Walk doll from Baby Alive is an adorable doll that any little girl will be super-excited to own. We give her 5 stars.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published November 1st, 2012

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