Barbie All Dolled Up Review

Barbie Dolled Up brunetteBarbie Stardoll Review: Barbie All Dolled Up Brunette in Red Dress (Mattel)

Our rating: 4 stars

Barbie is a firm favorite with all kinds of people from little girls to adult collectors. The Barbie Stardoll range allows you to dress up Barbie and mix and match fashions that are more varied and detailed than some of the other Barbie fashion dolls.

So what do we think about this Barbie All Dolled Up brunette in a red dress? Read on to find out.

Main Features

Barbie Dolled Up closeup* Gorgeous brunette Stardoll Barbie
* Red highlights in hair
* Stunning red dress
* Accessories include bag, gloves and boots
* High fashion doll
* Display stand included
* Age: Mattel say 6+, we think 10+

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What’s Great About the Barbie All Doll’d Up Stardoll

Barbie dolls have been loved for decades, and they are still going strong. More and more Barbies are coming out to dress, play with and collect. If you or your child is a Barbie fan, then you’ll be constantly looking for more Barbie dolls to add to the collection.

Barbie bagThis brunette All Doll’d Up Barbie is one of the Barbie Stardoll range. These dolls are promoted along with the online Stardoll games where kids (or adults) can dress up avatars and play with them online.

The design of this range is probably more fashionable and detailed than other fashion Barbies. There are lots of different Stardoll clothes that you can get and they include some stunning accessories. Shoes, jewelry and bags are especially well designed.

These dolls give you the chance to see Stardoll outfits in real life, at least in small scale, dress up Barbie dolls and display them. They’re not really intended for very young children to play with.

The Barbie All Dolled Up brunette is a gorgeous girl with long straight dark hair. Her dress is a lush shade of red. She looks very classy indeed! And there’s something about her that definitely brings to mind Twilight and the vampire look that is so popular now!

Barbie bootsAs well as the dress, this brunette Barbie doll has plenty of other accessories that are designed with great attention to detail. The chain accents really make her stand out from the crowd and give that ‘metal chic’ look. The fingerless gloves, gorgeous boots and fashion pantyhose add to her unique, dramatic look.

What’s Not So Great

This is more of a collector’s Barbie. She’s not intended to be played with in Barbie cars, doll houses or other playsets. The legs don’t move and they are even different lengths! This is because she is designed to be fixed on her included stand for dressing up and display.

If you’re looking for a fashion Barbie for a younger child to play with, you might regret choosing this doll. You’d likely want to get one from the Barbie Basics range instead. But for an adult Barbie collector or a girl of around 10 or more, the All Doll’d Up Barbie Stardoll could be a great choice.

It’s hard to rate this doll because so much depends on what you expect of a Barbie. If you’re looking for something for a little girl of around 6 years old to play with, this is not the best choice. But if you or your older child is interested in dressing Barbies in different high fashion outfits for display, then she’s perfect. She makes a gorgeous showpiece. So with that in mind, we’re giving her 4 stars.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published November 8th, 2012

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