Barbie Princess and the Pop Star Tori Doll

Tori mainBarbie the Princess and the Popstar 2-in-1 Transforming Tori Doll (Mattel)

Our rating: 4 stars

The Barbie Princess and the Pop Star Tori doll is a 2-in-1 doll that claims to transforms from Princess style to Pop Star style like magic. How does that work, and is she more of a toy or a collector’s item? Let’s see in our review.


* Based on the Tori character from the movie
* Lace princess dress transforms to glittery popstar outfit
* Tori ‘sings’ 2 songs when you press her necklace
* Batteries included
* Age 3+ (kids under about 7 will need help to transform her)

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Barbie Princess and the Pop Star Tori Doll Review

Tori Doll boxedBarbie has been a favorite doll of millions of little (and not so little) girls for decades. She and her friends have changed their style and looks to fit in the modern world, but her popularity burns as bright as ever. Now there are Barbie movies too, and the Barbie Princess and Pop Star Tori doll is based on one of them.

The Barbie Princess & Popstar 2-in-1 Transforming Tori Doll is based on the animated movie, Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar.

Movie Tie-In

Barbie Princess Pop Star verticalThere are two dolls to collect, Tori and Keira. (Click here to see the Keira Doll) Of course, you can just get one – and maybe see how much you or your little girl likes her before going back for the other.

In the movie (which is loosely based on Mark Twain’s story ‘The Prince and the Pauper’) Tori is a princess and Keira is a pop star. Envying each other’s lives, they switch roles. So both dolls have the potential to be either a pop star or a princess depending on how they are dressed. Their hair style/color changes too.

To change Tori from a princess to a pop star you first spin her hair piece, changing her blonde hair to pink. Then there’s a draw string that flips back her princess dress to display a shining rockstar style metallic mini skirt.

Tori also has a magic necklace that you can press to have her sing two songs from the movie. Of course, she doesn’t sing the whole of the songs, but just the chorus. So the singing does not go on too long!

With either one or both of the dolls you can recreate scenes out of the movie and have them act out everything that happens. This gives lots of opportunity for creative pretend play. You can also put them into any other situation that might call for a princess or a pop star, and have them interact with other Barbie dolls and friends.

What You Should Know Before You Buy

The Barbie Princess/Barbie Popstar transforming Tori is not as adaptable as most Barbie dolls for kids. For example she can’t sit down. She cannot stand by herself either, but needs to lean against something. Also, you can’t change her clothes except to transform from one of her styles to the other. She is designed to always be either Barbie Princess or Barbie Pop Star. This might be a surprise for some kids.

The doll is suitable for age 3 and over, but kids under the age of 7 or 8 might need some help to transform her clothing style, at least until they get used to doing it.

Our Verdict

This transforming Barbie doll is a kind of mix of toy and collector’s item. She’s not so easy to play with as some Barbies, but on the other hand, she is based on an animated movie that will appeal to little girls. If your child has seen the movie she’ll probably adore to have a Tori Princess and Pop Star all of her own. Or order the movie along with the doll for a guaranteed top gift for any Barbie fan!

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published February 14th, 2013

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