Battroborg Battling Robots Battle Arena Review

Battroborg Battle Arena Our rating: 3.5 stars

The Battroborg battling robots 3-in-1 Battle Arena looks like a great set for kids who like robots and battles. It looks something like the the Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots of the past generations brought right up to date with modern action-sensing technology.

This model of the Battroborg Battle Arena comes with 2 Battroborg battling robots and you can buy extra players for multiplayer scenarios. But how does it play in practice? Let’s sit back and enjoy the battle as we step into the ring and have a look at its offered features.

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Battroborg Review: 3-in-1 Battle Arena Video

Tomy 3-in-1 Battroborg Battle Arena Features

– Battling robots mimic the player’s movements and motions
– Single player, two player and multi player options
– Each charge can deliver 20 full minutes of play time
– Controllers have 20 minute quick charger
– Requires 8 AA batteries in total for the 2 robots and 2 controllers
– Batteries are not included
– Suitable for children ages 6 years old up to teens

Battroborg Battling Robots 3-in-1 Battle Arena Review

Battroborg Battle Arena 2These are motion sensitive robots that can be controlled through the actions of your child directly. If your child punches, the robot does this too. The whole package includes an instruction sheet, 2 face sheets, 2 sticker sheets, the battle arena, 4 training drones, 2 Nunchaku and 2 Battroborg robots. Take care when ordering because some arenas include the robots and some don’t. If you see a very cheap arena, robots are probably not included.

The instruction sheet is not that easy to read but it can be searched online to have an easier time of learning how to control the robots. There are 3 modes available which allow head-to-head matchups (two players), an Autodrone mode (one player) and a Battle Royale configuration so that you can play with up to 20 robots.

Additional robots can be bought separately but they are not required. The robots are made from heavy duty and durable plastic which makes them very resistant to rough handling done by most children. The robots can react to up to 5 various contact points in their heads.

You’ll need 8 standard AA batteries to power the remote controls and the robots. The robots have to be charged up each time so if your child is likely to want to play for a long time, you may want to order more robots so you can always have some ready charged. You get about 20 minutes of play for 20 minutes charging time.

The robots are small (around 4 inches tall) and this might disappoint some kids and parents. They can also be hard to control, with really only two distinct movements: either punching and moving to the left, or punching and moving to the right. In customer reviews of Battroborg battling robots and arena, some said their kids loved it but others had trouble with it.

This is a unique battling robot which is great for the right kids, who will have fun staging a controlled battle or just making the robots move around. It is a good choice for kids (mainly boys) ages 6 to 10 years old who like robots, model vehicles, remote control toys etc. It’s probably not so suitable for boys who like to be very active. You might want to look at something like a Nerf gun instead.

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Our rating: 3.5 stars

Published 27 February 2014

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