Best Baby Toys Newborn to 3 Months

Newborn baby on father's arm
The life of a baby is full of excitement and discovery, and you can help this process along with the best baby toys for their age group. We have some suggestions for the best baby toys newborn to 3 months in this article.

In the first 3 months a baby gets acquainted with his or her family members and home. It’s a wonderful but tiring time for a newborn and they need a lot of sleep!

During their waking hours, they love to be stimulated with toys. If you can play with them at the same time, that’s an extra bonus. Otherwise the little ones won’t know what to do with toys. They will likely just look.

Newborns change so fast, you’ll want to be getting them different toys almost every week! Let’s take a look at baby toys for new babies month by month.

Baby Toys Newborn

In the first month of life a baby can only see things clearly if they’re very close – up to around 10 inches away. Their eyes are still developing and they can’t distinguish colors. Kids’ toys are brightly colored for a reason! All the same, at this age you’ll want to think about how a toy would look to somebody with only black and white vision, and go for toys with high contrast and simple patterns.

Babies of this age are discovering the freedom of movement that they have outside the womb. They will kick, wave their arms and move their head, beginning to develop their muscles and motor skills. They’ll also start exhibiting a personality right away.

At this age they will like toys that attach to their crib, near to their face so they can see them. Mobiles hanging over their crib are great for encouraging them to use their eyes.

They love sound, so anything playing simple tunes will be great. They like to have the same thing played or sung over and they will soon come to recognize the tunes. Near to sleep time, you’ll want toys that play soothing music to relax them and help them drift away into sleep.

Baby Toys 2 Months

Fisher Price Piano Gym mainFrom 1 to 2 months old, the baby’s world continues to expand. They can see more and they’ll begin to recognize more sights and sounds. They’ll begin to show their emotions with smiling and excitement.

They can now see more colors and have a little more control of their arms and legs. They will still enjoy mobiles, but they are also starting to want more interactive toys, like baby gyms and rattles that make noise when they wave them around.

Baby Toys 3 Months

At 3 months babies are able to recognize faces and voices. They will be interested in other people even if they are strangers, and may look at faces for a long time. They will lie on their stomachs as well as their backs and enjoy this new perspective on the world.

They may now begin teething, so it’s time for toys they can put in their mouth and chew on. They will love a baby gym at this age. More interactive toys are great too, anything that they can make noise with or cause to spin around and move.

They may not be able to reach for and pick up a toy yet, but if you put it in their hands they will love waving it around and maybe throwing it. They can hit out at things with their hands and feet too. They will also enjoy mirrors and lights at this age.

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Published May 17th, 2013

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