Beyblade Destroyer Dome Review

Destroyer Dome Review (Beyblades from Hasbro)

Beyblade Destroyer DomeOur rating: 2 stars

Beyblades are one of the current hot trends for boys age 8 and over. The Beyblade Destroyer Dome is billed as a toy that allows you to experience ‘gravity-defying’ battles and ‘take your action to a whole new level’.

But the ratings from customers aren’t that great. Why? Read on to find out – and see what we recommend.


* Beyblades Destroyer Dome.
* 2 Bey tops exclusive to this set.
* Rip cords and exclusive spin tracks.
* 2 trading cards.
* Age 8+.

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Beyblade Destroyer Dome Review

This toy is listed in Walmart’s Top 20 ‘Kids Most Wanted’ Toys for 2012 but most parents who have bought it are not that happy with it.

The main reason is that although the Beys (Beyblade tops) themselves are a massive hit with kids, the plastic Destroyer Dome that you get with them in this particular playset does not appear to be great quality. It has a cheap look and feel and scratches easily, although we think it’s actually pretty tough and durable.

with boysIt’s not easy to assemble, with most kids and even some parents needing help (you can find videos on YouTube with instructions). And once you have it assembled, the ‘battles’ that take place inside are over very fast. If you have seen the Destroyer Dome commercials you’ll probably be disappointed with the real thing.

The Beys that come with the dome are specially made for it. Other Beys don’t work well inside the dome because they don’t have the wheels that allow them to travel around the walls. Also, it’s not a great arena for hosting battles. One Bey may travel around fine, but two will crash into each other almost immediately and game over.

On the other hand, you could look at it this way: with the Destroyer Dome you get 2 Beyblade tops that are exclusive to this set, plus 2 rip cord launchers and spin tracks. But if you buy a set of tops alone, you’ll pay about the same price for 3 Beyblade tops with 2 launchers and spin tracks. See for example the Beyblade Bey Team GanGan Galaxy Pack or the Beyblade Bey Team Star Breaker Pack.

So in fact, you are getting two tops and the Destroyer Dome itself for around the same price as three Beyblade tops. If you take that into account, it’s not a bad deal.


Our rating: 2 stars

We don’t recommend this for a starter pack, but in spite of the low ratings, it could still be a good choice for the right person. Beyblade fans and collectors might appreciate having the two exclusive tops in this set, plus getting the Dome as an extra accessory.

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However, if a kid is new to Beyblades, we think they will get a lot more fun out of an open Beyblades stadium like the Hasbro Beyblades Metal Fusion Beystadium Lions Lair XTS or the Beyblade Extreame Beystadium – Graffiti.

Published November 1st, 2012

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