Charmazing Color Me Up Review

Color Me Up Charmazing Review
Our rating: 3.5 stars

Charmazing Color Me UpEach year, there’s a new crafty type of gift, often aimed at girls, which comes out on the market and becomes the sudden “it” thing to proudly display. This year, it’s a series of jewelry making charms kits called Charmazing Color Me Up collections.

What is the Charmazing Color Me Up bracelet kit? As you’d guess, it’s a kit for making charm bracelets. You get all you need and kids can use the materials to make three special bracelets. It’s reasonably priced, but is it worth getting for a child? Let’s see what buyers think.

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Charmazing Color Me Up Jewelry Making Kits Review

There are several different Charmazing collections, each including a variety of craft items that are provided to make at least three full bracelets. Some kits may have more, but generally in the Color Me Up group of kits you get three.

Charmazing Color Me Up boxedThey’re aimed at kids aged 8-12, and most children of that age should have no trouble making the bracelets. Some younger ones in the range might need help. This is something that is very girly and sparkly for tweens who are focused on fashion. Kids of this age are definitely likely to be into this kind of accessory.

Each kit has a theme, such as Love, Seaside, Hearts, and Seasons and Nature. The Love collection made the top Christmas toys list from Toys R Us in 2014. All of these kits have contents that are slightly different from each other. The main colors of the bracelets will vary according to the theme, and the included charms are going to reflect the theme too.

A lot of girls will like getting this as a gift, because they are able to create individual bracelets by mixing and matching the elements together that come in the kit itself. For example, in the Love Collection, little girls get six charms that come in the kit. These six charms represent special things like peace, undying love, heart, BFFs, and a dove.

This jewelry making charms kit also comes complete with six energy cards that give details for each of the six charms and their individual meanings. The cards go over each of the six charms thoroughly and rank them all according to love, harmony, wellness, and fun.

Therefore, if you have a daughter, who has a friend that may be sick, your daughter could make a charm bracelet for her ill friend and design it to be very high in wellness tokens. These meanings are something very important to the girls who use them.

These charm bracelet kits also come with different beads to create varying designs. The bracelets can be expanded and stacked with beads as well as with the collectible charms. The colors will vary depending on the theme of the collection you choose.

Make sure that the recipient of this jewelry making kit downloads the App from the Google Play or Apple App Store, if they have a smartphone or tablet, so they get all they can from it. What a girl can do is to scan the charms and it will permit them to play with and use the App. They can go on to show the bracelet creations on social media, if they have an account. It’s all about getting their bracelet creations seen and out there!

On the downside, there is not a lot of room for individuality. You can choose different charms for different bracelets, of course, and in that sense they’re unique. But basically you’re putting together items from the kit in one defined way, and it’s more about assembling than designing.

But for many kids, it will be a bonus that you don’t have to be good at art to do this successfully. This is especially true for fashion-conscious kids who like making things for their friends.

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Our rating: 3.5 stars

Published November 23rd, 2014

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