CuddleUppets Purple Monkey Review

Cuddle Uppets Purple Monkey Review (Snuggle Pets)

Cuddleuppets MonkeyOur rating: 5 stars

It’s a plush toy – it’s a blanket – and it’s a puppet too! The CuddleUppets Monkey is so soft and cute, people just cannot resist cuddling it. But do the kids think it’s as great as the adults do? We’ll take a look in this review.


Monkey with child* Purple plush snuggly blanket body
* Measures 39” x 28”
* Animal head also functions as a hand puppet
* Machine washable
* Age 6 months and up

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Cuddleuppets Purple Monkey Review

If you’re looking for something snuggly for a child to take to bed, there’s nothing like CuddleUppets! Combining a blanket, a plush animal toy and a hand puppet, they have tons to offer kids from babyhood upward.

Kids adore these snuggle pets. When they see one belonging to another child, whether it’s a little friend or a sibling, they pretty much have to have their own! They can snuggle up to them in all kinds of situations and play with the animal puppet too. It might even make them look forward to bedtime!

Monkey faceCuddleUppets come in eight different models. There’s a white unicorn, a a hot pink ladybug, a yellow dog, a brown bear, a baby pink poodle, a blue elephant and a green crocodile.
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You can wash them in the machine – that’s good news for parents. Kids are likely to want to take them everywhere so they are sure to get dirty. The only problem could be taking them away from the child for long enough to have them washed and dried! It’s best to do it often so the child gets used to the process.

The CuddleUppets Monkey has a plush purple body that will appeal equally to boys and girls. They are safe for babies and perfect for toddlers and little kids up to around age 5.

The only question is whether your child is going to like the animal’s face. You might want to show him or her some pictures to help them decide. Sometimes a child will just not like a particular toy for reasons that are unexplainable.

CuddleUppets keep kids warm in the car, at the game and in many other situations too. These toys are a real winner. The CuddleUppets Purple Monkey could easily become the blanket that your child cannot live without.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published November 9th, 2012

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