Frozen My Size Dolls Review

Frozen My Size dollsDisney Frozen My Size Dolls Reviews
Our rating: 4.5 stars

There can be no better surprise for a small girl than to see her very favorite Disney princess as a doll that is actually her own size. Frozen My Size dolls from Disney are 38 inches tall and any little girl will think herself really lucky to have Anna or Elsa around as a friend of her own height.

And what do parents think? Let’s take a look at some of the customer reviews.

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Disney Frozen My Size Doll Features

* Choose from Elsa or Anna
* Dolls are over 3 feet tall
* Portable and light weight
* Posable – will stand, or can sit
* Clothes and accessories to suit the movie characters
* Age 3+

Frozen My Size Dolls Review

The Frozen My Size Elsa and Anna dolls are only available as a limited edition. There are of course many smaller dolls available of these two Disney characters, and most girls who love the movie and the characters will probably own at least one. However, anyone who gets to own one or both Frozen characters in her own size will have something that is really special that will give more pleasure than any other doll.

Both characters look really good in My Size. They are wearing their familiar outfits in the right colors, looking just as they do in the movie. Elsa is wearing her beautiful glittery turquoise dress and Anna’s costume from the movie has been designed to look its best. Both dolls come with extra accessories. Anna has her slippers and Elsa has her own jewelry.

Frozen My Size dolls collageAnother detail that girls absolutely love is the removable clip that is shaped like a flower. This is featured on the clothing of each Frozen My Size doll. The brooch, which lights up, can be worn by any child who wants to have it on her own clothing.

Where there are negative reviews they are usually because the price of these dolls varies, and since they are limited edition, you may see them on sale at a lot more than the regular price of around $60-$70. Check the current price at Amazon through our link below, or shop around.

Because of their size, pre-school girls really love these dolls and think of them as being best friends. My Size dolls make ideal companions to be played with all day long. These dolls don’t make a sound, but children can enjoy having imaginary conversations with their new friend.

Frozen My Size dolls are just the two latest dolls to become available in a range of Disney Princesses standing at the height of an average four-year-old child. Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel and others Disney princesses in the My Size range have already proved to be very popular.

There is of course a huge demand for the Disney Frozen My Size Anna and Elsa dolls right now and if you want one, you will need to grab them as soon as you are able to find a retailer with these 38-inch Disney princesses in stock.

One thing you can be sure of about Disney is that they know exactly what pre-school kids like. By introducing Anna and Elsa as Frozen My Size dolls they have created the sort of toy that little girls dream of – a favorite Disney character that appears to be much more real than any small doll. Girls of a pre-school age can now have Elsa and Anna living with them in their own home, as a lifelike companion that is the same height as themselves.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published December 17th, 2014

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