Disney Infinity Game Review

Disney Infinity Starter Pack Our rating: 4 stars

The Disney Infinity game is designed to let your kids’ imaginations expand to infinity. They’ll create their own play experiences and story lines in various toy lineups and Disney movie scenarios.

You get physical figures of Sulley, Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible in the starter pack. When they’re placed on the playing surface, they will appear on the TV display or console screen through the gaming platform. Extra characters from the Incredibles, the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Monsters University movie can be added and bought separately as well as other Disney characters. So let’s have a closer look and see what the Disney Infinity starter pack can offer.

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Disney Infinity Starter Pack Review Video

Features of the Disney Infinity Starter Pack

– Available for the Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 260, PS3, Wii U and Wii gaming platforms
– Includes 1 Infinity power disc
– Includes Sulley, Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible figures
– Includes The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters University playsets
– The Infinity base and the video game are included
– Age rating: 10+ (we think younger kids will love it, but 10+ is the official ESRB rating in the US)

Disney Infinity Game Starter Pack Review

Disney Infinity Starter Pack With clearly recognizable and popular Disney characters Sulley, Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible from the movies The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters University, this is definitely a unique video game that offers compatibility to various kinds of gaming platforms. There isn’t yet a version for PS4 or Xbox One (at the time of writing) but you can get it for the Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and Wii.

It comes with the Disney Infinity base piece that will allow you to have access to 3 Play Sets which are also included in the package. Play can be either through the Toy Box or the Play Set interactive modes. The Play Set mode has preset missions that are triggered when you place a character on the base. Toy Box mode will unlock your child’s imagination and creativity through a customized play.

The Toy Box is quite impressive because it will let your child to make their very own virtual world and combine characters from various Disney movies and this will let your child enjoy having limitless play. Even if your child is alone, he or she can play with his or her friends through the Disney Toy Box with the use of the online access.

The system is quite easy to use, especially in Play Set mode. Start by placing the play sets and the character piece on the Infinity base and it will automatically launch on the display. To gain access to the Toy Box, just remove the play set piece. You’re then in freestyle play where there is less restriction and less instruction.

Your child will love boosting the abilities of their characters through the power disc and this will give their characters superhero-like skills and abilities. One power disc is included and you can order more if you need them. Other individual characters and play sets from the Disney movies are also compatible and available for this system.

If your child already knows the Skylanders interactive game from Activision, these 2 technologies are comparable in many ways and kids are likely to enjoy both.

The ESRB has rated this at age 10+ because of violence in the cartoons. This is a parental advisory matter and we leave it up to you to judge for your kids, but we think kids over 10 might find these characters and movies a little bit childish. In the UK this same starter pack is approved for kids aged 7+.

For the fans of these Disney movies, this is definitely a great game. It allows kids to enjoy limitless possibilities of imaginative fun and entertainment. It is sold at a very reasonable price and with all these features, this is definitely worth buying for a child who likes action figures, movies and video games.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published February 18th, 2014

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