Disney Princess Palace Pets Pumpkin Magic Dance Review

Palace Pets PumpkinDisney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

For many little girls, living the life of a Disney princess is a dream come true. While your daughter may not be able to be Cinderella, she sure can own one of the Disney Princess pets – Cinderella’s adorable puppy, Pumpkin.

The little girl in your life will love this cute little dog that sings, dances, and talks on command. Let’s take a look at this exceptional little Disney creation.

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Disney Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin Review Video

Disney Palace Pets Pumpkin Magic Dance Features

* Puppy wags and wiggles her tail
* Puppy can respond to commands
* Puppy sings, dances, and “talks”
* Puppy can “say” 9 phrases
* Comes with a magic wand remote control
* Requires 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries – not included
* Age 4+

Disney Princess Palace Pets Pumpkin Magic Dance Review

From Disney’s Palace Pets collection, Magic Dance Pumpkin is Cinderella’s lovable puppy. Magic Dance Pumpkin is accompanied by a remote control wand that allows her to magically come to life. However, she is just as fun to play with without activating any of her exciting features.

The special little girl in your life will be amazed when Pumpkin comes to live using the included magic wand. Palace Pet Pumpkin responds to commands by bowing, swishing her tail, and whirling around the dance floor. With a press on the jewel on the front of Pumpkin, she can also speak 9 different phrases and prances around the floor to two different songs. Overall, Pumpkin is a cute and talented Palace Pet who can make more than a dozen sounds and phrases.

Palace Pets PumpkinThis adorable Palace Pet is well put together and has a soft, plush feel with cute fabric ears. She is wearing a cute satin tutu and bow and has removable fur cuffs around her feet. Of course, Pumpkin comes complete with a silver, blue, and white tiara that perfectly matches her fur and outfit.

While Magic Dance Pumpkin belongs to Cinderella, there are additional Disney Palace Pets toys available that belong to several other Disney Princesses including Belle, Ariel, and Aurora, among others. Each has their own unique story. Legend has it that Cinderella was shocked to step out on the palace balcony one morning and find this adorable little puppy waiting below. Given to her by the Prince as an anniversary present, Cinderella doted on Pumpkin and taught her to dance, sing, and speak using her magic wand.

Disney Palace Pets Pumpkin is perfect for any little girl over the age of 4 who wants to imagine herself as a princess. In the past, purchasers have commented on the clear rubber bands on Magic Dance Pumpkin’s head and legs. However, they are only needed for shipping. You can simply remove them and Pumpkin will have a much easier time responding. It’s not the cheapest toy, but you may get a deal through the link below.

There is no doubt that plenty of little girls dream, at some point, of living the life of a Disney princess. Magic Dance Pumpkin will give the little girl in your life the magical princess powers she has always wanted. Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin, Cinderella’s Puppy is destined to be a hit. Whether you are purchasing this adorable gift for your own little Disney princess or for yourself, everyone is certain to love it.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published December 8th, 2014

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