Disney Princess Songs Palace Review

Palace 1Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace Review

Our rating: 5 stars

The Disney Princess Songs Palace is one of the ‘kids’ most wanted’ toys this year. Little girls who watch the commercial are just dying to own one. So what exactly does it do, and what does it offer your child? We find out in this review.


Princess Songs Palace 2
* Palace approx 2 ft tall x 1 ft wide.
* Six play areas, some with sound effects.
* Moveable furniture.
* Elevator.
* 2 princesses: Cinderella and Snow White.
* Put a princess on the Magic Dance floor to hear her speak or sing.
* Make princesses spin around on the dance floor.
* Each princess has her own words and song.
* Age 18 months to 5 years.

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Why Little Girls Love the Disney Princess Palace

detailThis toy is a huge winner with little girls because it combines so many things that they like: a dollhouse-type structure, little figures, music, moving parts and girly pink colors.

Two princesses come with the palace (Snow White and Cinderella). You can order more Little People Disney Princesses separately ( Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel, Tiana, Belle) and they will interact with the palace, speaking their own words and singing their own song. Other Fisher-Price Little People that your child already has won’t speak or sing but they will be the right size to fit in the castle fine.

There are six different areas or rooms where you can put the figures and play: the kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, balcony, attic, dressing room (with Snow White’s mirror) and the magical dance floor.

When princesses are put on the special spot on the dance floor, they will speak their lines or sing their song. Each princess has one ‘theme’ song that she sings. You can also put two princesses on the dance floor and then pull a switch to make them ‘dance’.

Other parts of the palace have their own sound effects too. There’s a fanfare when you open the main doors and the tea kettle whistles in the kitchen!

Like all Fisher-Price Little People toys, the Disney Princess castle or palace is strong, durable and designed for little hands. It’s safe for kids under 3. And there is so much here to move around and do, little girls will be playing happily for hours.

What Could Be Improved

Although little girls adore this palace playset, parents have listed one or two things that could be improved. First, to assemble it you need a long, thin Phillips screwdriver. If you’re buying it for Christmas you’ll want to make sure you have that ready, or maybe assemble the palace before the holidays. Second, as with most musical toys, the songs can get old fast for parents! Little kids do love them though!

Some customers have complained that the product comes in just a brown box without the regular retail box inside, so it doesn’t look great as a gift. But this is only because they have ordered it with ‘Amazon Frustration-Free’ packaging instead of ‘Retail’. Click this link and you’ll see its available in either “Retail” or “Frustration Free” packaging. You need to select ‘Retail’ there if you want the pretty retail box. That’s useful to know any time you are ordering gifts from Amazon.


This is an excellent toy that provides plenty of entertainment for a reasonable price. It will draw most little girls into happy imaginative play that lasts. A two-year will adore it and a five-year-old will still play with it. All in all, it’s a great choice for your little princess!

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published November 4th, 2012

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