Doc McStuffins Talking Mobile Clinic Review

Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Clinic Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

Doc McStuffins Mobile ClinicWith the Doc McStuffins ‘Get Better’ mobile cart clinic from Just Play, kids can play at being the popular child doctor from the TV show, on the move. You get a pull-along toy that opens up, with sound and lights, to reveal everything needed in a mobile clinic.

There’s a gurney and seat for patients, a ladder to rescue trapped toys, and a CB radio to call back to the base hospital. Plus of course the regular doctor tools you’d expect, like an EKG stethoscope and thermometer. But what do buyers think?

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Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic Review Video

Doc McStuffins Mobile Cart Toy Features

* Pull-along cart handle
* CB radio toy
* Bandages to heal imaginary wounds
* Doctor tools for checkups
* Ladder in case a toy is stuck somewhere up high
* Takes 2 AA batteries (not included)
* Age 3-7

Doc McStuffins Talking Mobile Clinic Review

As you’ll know if your child is a fan, Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins is a little African American girl in a TV show, who imitates her doctor mother by being a doctor for her toys and stuffed animals. There are a lot of Doc McStuffins dolls and toys, including a checkup center that we reviewed last year, but the latest big hit is the Doc McStuffins mobile clinic.

Doc McStuffins Mobile ClinicIt’s a pull-along cart that kids can take with them as they go around the house, yard or even farther afield, pretending to be little Dottie and heal any wounded or sick toys that they find. There’s even a ladder so they can pretend to rescue toys trapped up high. (It’s only a toy ladder – you don’t have to worry about them climbing up high on it for real.)

The cart is a mix of mobile clinic and ambulance. It comes with toy doctor instruments such as a thermometer, otoscope and heart monitor, but there’s also a gurney for toys who need to be carried to hospital. Less sick toys can sit on the patient seat, and the ‘Doc’ can dispense pretend bandages to deal with minor injuries.

The CB radio allows play contact with the base hospital, in case a second opinion is needed – or to warn them what to expect if toys are being rushed back for hospital admission.

The Doc McStuffins mobile clinic makes siren sounds as it’s pulled along, which kids will love. Lights flash along with the siren, letting everyone know that Doc is attending an emergency!

You’ll need 2 AA batteries, and toys like Lambie are not included. If you’re ordering toys to go on the stretcher in the cart, you’ll want relatively small versions, like the 7 inch Lambie or 8 inch other plush animals. Most kids will already have some small stuffed animals and other toys suitable to play the part of Doc’s patients.

This Doc McStuffins mobile clinic is perfect for both boys and girls, encouraging them in caring and professional ambitions. It will also help develop their creativity through imaginative play.

Some parents complained that the Doc McStuffins mobile cart doesn’t stay together that well – for example, the door tends to fall off. However, they all said their kids adored playing with it whether it was all in one piece or not, so we can recommend it as a gift for any fan of the TV show.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published November 28th, 2014

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