Draw Something Party Board Game Review

Draw Something Party Game Our rating: 4.5 stars

This Draw Something game has an illuminated electronic drawing board. It is based on the well-known Draw Something mobile app. It is made by Hasbro and it is lightweight with a big transparent tablet-style screen.

It also comes provided with a card holder to store your word card and a one-button screen erase feature. It includes a handy timer and this is great for both adults and kids over a certain age. Let’s have a peek and see why it’s a winner – and when it might not be.

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Hasbro Gaming Draw Something Party Board Game Features

– Includes a see-through draw tablet, game guide, 100 card deck and a stylus
– You can earn coins through guessing and drawing clues correctly
– The first person to get 15 coins wins
– Capacitive touch screen that supports drawing with fingers or the included stylus
– Electronic tablet version of the Draw Something mobile app game
– Uses 3 AA batteries (included)
– Age 8+ (we think 10+)

Draw Something Board Game Review

Draw Something Party Game Based on the popular mobile app drawing game made by Zynga, this Draw Something Party board game is a portable home game version. To play this game, just start by picking up a card and look at it to know what picture you should draw. Your drawing can be viewed by the other players and both your opponents and your teammates will race to correctly guess what you are drawing.

The tablet has a large screen so that all players can easily see what’s happening. One great thing about this is that it supports both finger and stylus drawing so that you will have more options. It also has a timer that will make the display flash whenever the time is running down. The screen can be erased through pushing the menu button once, then pass it to the other player to resume the game.

This is described by the manufacturers as suitable for kids ages 8 years old and up but we think the average kid under 10 will not recognize enough of the words to make it fun. The cards are graded according to difficulty, so if you want to use it with kids under about 10 years old you’ll probably want to take out the difficult word cards and make more easy ones.

But as long as your kids are old enough to know what the words mean, it’s a great game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s also great for teen or adult parties and again you can always make more word cards to fit with the theme of a party.

There is another version of the Draw Something game which comes with paper and pens instead of the electronic tablet. It’s not so much fun perhaps but it is a little cheaper. You can see the details of that here.

The device has batteries included – they’re the demo style and might not last very long, but it takes 3 AA batteries which you’ll probably have in the house anyway. It has 100 provided word cards and as we’ve said, you can easily add more of your own if they become too familiar.

For those who have enjoyed this game in mobile app version, you’ll definitely have fun with this new device. And you don’t need to know the app at all to enjoy it. Draw Something is a very simple game but this party version is a lot of fun. Play it at holidays, parties or any time you want a bonding moment with family or friends.

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4.5 stars

Published February 24th, 2013

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