Electronic Kids’ Toy Violin Review

Electronic Toy ViolinElectronic Toy Violin For Kids Review

Our rating: 3 stars

The electronic toy violin for kids promises that the instrument will always be in tune so adults will not be subjected to tuneless wailings.

However, you might want to know what the people who actually bought the item thought about it, before you decide to buy one. Read on!

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Electronic Kids’ Toy Violin Features

* Easy to play with bow or press button
* Measures 16 inches in length
* Plays over 20 different tunes
* Takes 2 AA batteries (included)
* Age 3+ (we think 3-4)

Electronic Toy Violin For Kids Review

Electronic Toy Violin pinkChildren are fascinated by musical instruments. Most parents however do not always appreciate the sound that comes out of these instruments, especially first thing in the morning. This electronic toy violin’s main advantage is that it cannot be played badly and will always sound harmonious, because it plays prerecorded melodies.

It all sounds good, but there are disadvantages to this toy. In its favor, it is easy and requires no skill at all to play. Children just have to either push a button using their chin or touch the strings with the bow. They will, however, learn little or nothing about music or playing an instrument.

The violin is very small, approximately 16 inches, the perfect size for very little children, but it would likely be too small for children older than four years old.

It is easy to begin ‘playing’ music. However, it often cuts out and there is no volume control or on/off switch. Although the strings are metal, several purchasers found them rather flimsy. They also considered that the violin was made from rather cheap materials. On the other hand, it does have a realistic appearance.

Nearly all buyers complained that batteries ran out very quickly because of the lack of an on/off switch. The only way to switch the violin on or off is to insert or remove the batteries. Children will leave the violin on all the time so it might be wise to buy rechargeable batteries if you decide to buy this item.

The violin is cheap to buy, provided you remember those rechargeable batteries. There are however, other toy musical instruments in the same price range, that will help children to understand music, learn about musical notes, and even to play music by themselves, much better than the electronic kids’ toy violin.

You might want to get this if you have a child who is interested in the violin but is too young for lessons. You can use it to help them learn to hold and care for the instrument, and they will have the opportunity to hear some classical violin tunes. But if you want a toy that will allow kids to play their own tunes, you’ll need something else, maybe the Bontempi toy saxophone – see our review.

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Our rating: 3 stars

Published May 3rd, 2014

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