Estes Tandem-X Rocket Launch Set Review

Estes TandemOur rating: 4.5 stars

For those who aspire to become astronauts and scientists someday, the Estes Tandem X is a great way to begin learning when it comes to launching model rockets.

The Estes rockets come with 2 high quality and high performance models to assemble, which will surely appeal to both beginners and experienced rocketeers. But there are some other things you need, the set is not complete in itself, so read on to find out more.

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Estes Tandem X Rocket Launder Video

Estes Tandem-X Rocket Launch Set: Main Features

– 2 rocket kits, the 15-inch Crossfire ISX and the 3-foot tall Amazon
– 2 plastic parachutes to give them a safe landing
– Push-button launch controller
– Launch pad
– Comes with full instructions on how to assemble and operate the rockets

Here’s what else you need:

Estes rocket engines and igniters. Most packs of engines include igniters, but check the description. The Amazon model is compatible with the C6-5, C6-3, B6-2, B4-4 and B4-2 engines and the Crossfire is compatible with the Estes C6-7, C6-5, B6-4, B4-4 and A8-3 engines; so you can cover both if you can find B4-4 or C6-5. If not you’ll need to order separately for each rocket.
4 AA batteries for the launch controller.
Glue for model assembly.
– Model paints (optional).

Estes 1469 Tandem-X Rocket Launch Set Review

Estes TandemThe rockets included in the Estes Tandem X launch set are Estes E2X grade devices i.e. they are simple enough that even beginners can assemble and operate them. However, the power of these rockets shouldn’t be underestimated because they are enough to impress even the expert NASA engineers!

The Amazon rocket model can go up to 180 meters using a standard Estes engine. The Crossfire rocket model can go up to 330 meters because of its lightweight design. The parachutes help to prevent them from damage when they land (and may also help you find them!) Both of them are relatively consistent in their trajectories and launchings.

Because they are E2X crafts, they can be easily assembled in less than 2 hours by most people in the recommended age range (10 years old and over). The manufacturers recommend that kids under 12 are supervised but we guess that’s mainly for safety when it comes to the launching, not so much for the assembly.

Even though both of them can be assembled with ease, the Crossfire needs more skill and attention thus, it is better for most people to assemble to Amazon model first. The instructions included in the package will guide you throughout the entire assembly process. All you have to do is to put them together with the use of some glue and customize them with the use of sandpaper and paint if you want. One comes pre-painted anyway.

Overall, the Estes Tandem X rocket launch set 1469 is great for both novices and rocketry veterans because of the simple assembly and navigation. They also have good build quality and an impressive appearance that can compete with other more expensive rockets in the market. Highly recommended – just remember to order your engines and wadding.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published November 7th, 2013

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