Ever After High Thronecoming Dolls Review

Ever After High Dolls Thronecoming Review (Mattel)
Our rating: 5 stars

Ever After Thronecoming AppleThe creators of the Ever After High cartoon show have come out with a new series of dolls that are all dressed up for their Thronecoming Ball. The collection includes a Thronecoming Apple White, Raven Queen, Blondielocks, and Cupid; you can pick one of these irresistible dolls or collect them all!

Our featured representative, Ever After High Thronecoming Apple White comes with an absolutely gorgeous gown that was inspired by the snow fox. In addition, just like the other dolls in the series, she comes with a storyline bookmark that tells her personal backstory. Let’s see more.

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Ever After High Thronecoming Doll Video

Ever After High Doll Thronecoming Series Features

• Your choice of four dolls: Thronecoming Apple White, Blondie Locks, Cupid, and Raven Queen
• Each dolls comes with a purse, handheld ball mask and a display stand
• Each doll is dressed to perfection and made up with exquisite detail
• A storyline bookmark for each character
• Toys are for kids 6 years old and older

Ever After High Thronecoming Dolls Review

Made by Mattel, the creators of the world famous Barbie dolls, the ridiculously popular Ever After High girls/dolls are complementary figures to the Monster High series. For example, Cupid’s character is on both shows.

About Ever After High

Ever After High is set in a fairytale world and is a story that is based on the teenaged children of some of the main characters from our beloved fairy tales and other classic magical stories. To give you some clarification Snow White is Apple White’s mom, Cerise Hood is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks is Blondielocks mother, and so on.

Ever After Thronecoming dollsAbout the Thronecoming Dolls

The dolls of the Ever After High series are geared towards kids age 6 and older, but they are also immensely popular with collectors. In this latest line of Ever After dolls, each girl is 12″ tall and is immaculately dressed for their Thronecoming Ball. All the gorgeous girls are complete with lush, shimmering hair, beautiful and intricate masks, stunning makeup up, and extravagant ball gowns. Although they all attend the dance, only one will emerge as Thronecoming Queen.

At the time that this article is being written, there are four dolls in this specific series. Are you curious about the other girls? Here’s how they look.

Raven Queen, who is struggling against her destiny of being the next Evil Queen, looks wickedly glamourous in an edgy black and purple gown. Not to be outdone, Apple White makes her appearance with a glittering white and red full length gown with an exquisite paisley patterned overlay. Blondielocks looks every inch a lady with a resplendent gold and blue gown accessorized with classy long gloves. Last, but not least, Cupid makes her appearance with a pink and beige number that is decked out with angelic Pegasus wings.

All of the dolls in the series are available for separate purchase and come with a doll stand for display, a matching purse, a handheld mask, and a bookmark that details each doll’s personal back-story, dreams, and hopes as she prepares for the Thronecoming Ball.

Each doll is stunning and is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone who’s lucky enough to receive one as a gift. If you are lucky enough to have all four dolls, you can act out the ball scenes from the show and crown your favorite character for Thronecoming Queen; you can even hold contests of your own!

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published December 1st, 2014

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