Fisher-Price The Farmer Says See ‘n Say

Fisher Price Farmer SaysOur rating: 4 stars

The Fisher-Price The Farmer Says See ‘n Say is a modern model of a classic toy that will provide both fun and learning opportunities for your child. It includes more features than the older versions with interactive animal sounds, songs and a quiz. Because of the additional fun features that it has compared to the old models, this seems to be a great buy for your child. But let’s take a closer look.

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FisherPrice See ‘n Say The Farmer Says Demo Video

Fisher-Price The Farmer Says Main Features

– It requires 3 standard AAA batteries. The batteries are not included in the package
– Your child will be able to hear various kinds of animal sounds
– It will help your child to learn some facts about 16 different animals
– It includes counting games and a fun quiz
– It has several animal songs to listen to
– It has 4 interactive songs
– It includes 4 fun ways to play “farmer says”
– It includes a soft animal for your child to play with
– Age: 18 months+, we think 2-4

Fisher-Price The Farmer Says See ‘n Say Review

Fisher Price Farmer SaysThe Fisher-Price the Farmer Says See ‘n Say is something that will let your child enjoy identifying animals and learning about their characteristics. This toy has several extra features compared to the older versions such as the built-in animal sounds, allowing your child to play different games and the ability to sing along with the music included in the toy.

With fun and learning combined in just one toy, young children could have endless hours of enjoyment just playing with it either on their own or with somebody else to help and teach them. The shape of this toy resembles a farm so that it will be more attractive to young children and they will be enticed to play with it and learn.

Your child starts to play with this toy through pointing the arrow to a certain animal and then pulling the lever. The toy will imitate the sound of the animal that they have indicated. There are several animal sounds to choose and listen to. Even older children will have fun challenging their knowledge with the quiz test.

Some things that you should be aware of with this toy are the lever and the animal sounds. The lever should be pulled all the way down so that it will be activated. Because of this, you may need to assist a younger child to do it. The quiz could be confusing for a little one too. Then for the animal sounds, there are certain sounds that may not perfectly resemble the sound of a particular animal: for example, the sound that the rabbit makes is “boing boing” – not something that has ever issued from a rabbit’s mouth as far as we know!

The manufacturer’s recommended age range is 18 months and up, but for these reasons, a child probably needs to be about a year older than that before they can really use it by themselves, although if you get it for them when they are little and always play with it along with them, they will pick up how to do it faster.

All in all, the benefits and great features of the Farmer Says See and Say toy outweigh the issues that it has. It’s a perennially popular toy and you can expect your child to love it and play with it for several years.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published October 23rd, 2013

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