Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair Review

Smart Stages ChairFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair Review Our rating: 4 stars

Many children’s toys are quickly outgrown, or lose their appeal. The Fisher-Price Smart Stages Chair is designed to last through the growing and learning stages of being a toddler.

They can hear over fifty phrases and tunes, press buttons, use a remote control that lights up, and “read” a flip page book on the arm of the chair. The seat lifts up with more activities to discover underneath. It sounds good, but what do parents think? Let’s find out more.

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Laugh and Learn Chair Smart Stages Video

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Chair Features

* 3 educational levels to select from as your child grows
* Over 50 phrases, songs and melodies to learn from
* Includes flip-up book
* Remote control that lights up
* Maximum weight of child 55 pounds
* Age 1-3 years

Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair Review

It is not easy keeping a toddler entertained and engaged, but the Fisher-Price Smart Stages Chair is an activity center that creates a personal space for your toddler. The Smart Stages Chair comes in bright yellow or pink with a smiley face on the back rest. Don’t be surprised if you find your toddler naming and talking to their chair!

Smart Stages Chair with childFisher-Price developed the Laugh and Learn line a few years ago. The Smart Stages Chair continues on with the same line of development. The chair knows if the child is sitting in it or standing – it responds to what the child does.

When putting the chair together, make sure to install the three AA batteries it requires. It is much easier to access the battery compartment while assembling the chair. It also is helpful to make sure you know where the off switch is, for those times when you want the chair to just be a quiet chair.

There are three levels of play with the Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair: Explore, Encourage, and Pretend. As your child learns and grows, they will move through the levels. The youngest toddlers will enjoy the Explore stage: pressing the buttons to see what happens, opening and closing the seat to reveal the storage compartment, and flipping the pages of the book. They can also use the chair as a support while learning to stand and walk. The remote control will activate singalong tunes and phrases. This stage engages their curiosity and begins developing language skills.

When your child is ready to go to the next level, switch it to Encourage. Just like it says, this stage encourages your child to advance their understanding of language and is more interactive. It will ask your child questions, suggest things for them to do, and reward correct answers with sounds or lights. This interaction encourages the development of language and thinking skills.

Older toddlers will be ready for the Pretend level. Building on what has already been done at the prior levels, this stage begins to work with your child on imagination and creative play. When you see your child role-playing, or starting to play “let’s pretend,” you will appreciate the Smart Stages Chair even more. As long as your child is the right size to sit in the chair, they will have something interesting to do with it.

Fisher-Price has been known for their children’s toys for many years. The Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair is cute, but not overly complicated. The fact that it adapts to uses for children from one to three makes it something that your child will not quickly outgrow. They can make it their very own place to play and learn – an activity center they can also use as furniture.

Electronic toys for children are often too simple to keep the child engaged, or too complicated for them to easily enjoy. The Smart Stages Chair avoids both of these problems and can grow with your child for years. When you think about all the changes that your child will go through from age one to three, this is definitely not an easy task to succeed at. Fisher-Price seems to have met this challenge very well with their Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published December 4th, 2014

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