Flutterbye Flying Fairy Review

Our rating: 2 stars for age 5-7, 3.5 stars for age 8+

Flutterbye Flying Fairy thumbnailThe Flutterbye Flying Fairy has the capability of taking off to the air and lift off from your child’s hand. Both young boys and girls do love fairy tales but the Flutterbye Flying Fairy will most likely be more appealing to girls. This toy has a powerful tiny motor built inside its body so that it can take off just like the fairies that kids see on televisions. There are 3 available colors that you can choose from: the Gold Sunbeam, Purple Stardust and the Pink Flower. Let’s take a look at how magical this toy really is.

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Flutterbye Fairy Video

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Features

– Runs on 6 AA batteries. The batteries are not included in the set
– Aimed at young girls aged from 5 years and up (we think 8+)
– Includes molded dress and beautiful glittery wings
– It really does take off and fly out of your child’s hand

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Reviews

Flutterbye Flying FairyThe Flutterbye Flying Fairy toy is designed to work a little like a remote control helicopter, except that it seems to fly from your hand by magic. To use it, you just have to turn the switch of the toy to off and place it on your child’s hand. After that, place the toy into the display stand or charging base to fully charge it. After fully charging the toy, turn the switch button to on and remove the toy from the base and your child will have fun seeing the toy immediately take off from his or her hand.

When you have pressed the launch button, the toy will fly straight up. It’s supposed to have been built with sensors so that it will know if there’s anything above it and dodge it, but this doesn’t seem to work too well in practice. When it starts descending, you can do a small wave just upward of your child’s hand and this will cause the toy’s wings to speed up and fly up again. The idea is that you teach your child how to do this so that they can make their flying fairy toy fly and have fun with it even when you are not around.

This toy will power off and will fall when has struck something. Because of this, it is advised to play with the toy in a large room with high ceilings. You shouldn’t use it outside because you might lose it. The color schemes of this toy have been designed for young girls but young boys might have fun with its flying motion too. It does look gorgeous and kids are excited to get it.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of criticism of this toy from customers. It’s certainly something that little girls long to have but it disappoints them in many cases because it’s so difficult to control. It’s overly sensitive and flies up too fast, often hitting the ceiling and then bouncing around the room, frightening the kids. You have to “train” it to fly at a better height. It might work well for slightly older children, say age 8 and above, who will have more patience with it.

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Our rating: 2 stars for age 5-7, 3.5 stars for age 8+

Published October 17th, 2013

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