Frozen Elsa’s Musical Snow Wand Review

Frozen Elsa WandDisney Frozen Elsa’s Musical Snow Wand Review

Our rating: 4 stars

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a little girl who loves Elsa, the Frozen Elsa’s Musical Snow Wand might be just the thing.

Other buyers had plenty to say after purchasing this adorable-looking Frozen Elsa toy. Read some of their thoughts to get a better idea of the features.

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Elsa’s Musical Snow Wand Video

Frozen Elsa’s Musical Wand Features

* Elsa figure inside snow globe on the end of the wand
* Plays the ‘Let it Go’ song from the Frozen movie
* Takes 3 LR44 batteries (included)
* Age 3-6

Disney Frozen Elsa Toys: Elsa’s Musical Snow Wand Review

There are hundreds of Frozen toys on the market today, due to the immense popularity of Disney’s movie Frozen. Many of these toys feature Elsa and Anna. This wand has Elsa, on the top in a snow globe, looking very pretty.

The wand plays part of the song ‘Let it Go’ when you press a button on the handle. There is a power switch for the Frozen wand that can be turned on and off, as well.

Frozen Elsa Wand verticalThere is also a try me button, which you can use to hear a few bars of the song. You’ll need to switch it over to the Long setting so that your child can hear a longer version of the song at home.

Only part of the song is played on the wand and there is only music, no actual lyrics. Still, the song is popular, and even if it is not actually sung by Elsa, kids who know the words can sing along as they pretend to be Elsa.

The wand is battery operated and the batteries are included when you buy it. It takes LR44 which are small, flat, round batteries. Battery life appears to be good, but you’ll probably want to order more to avoid disappointment when they lose their power.

If you are buying the toy for a younger child or have younger children in the family, you will need to make sure they don’t swing it around or hit each other with it as the snow globe with Elsa inside it is quite heavy. As with any snow globe, there is a risk of it breaking and the liquid gel leaking out if kids throw it around.

All things considered, the Frozen Elsa’s Musical Snow Wand is a well made Frozen toy and would be great for any little girl who loves dressing up and pretending to be Elsa from the Frozen movie, especially if she has an Elsa costume.

Even without the lyrics, kids will recognize the song and enjoy it. So if you are considering getting this toy for a little fan of the Disney Frozen movie, you can be sure it will be a big hit!

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published May 4th, 2014

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