Frozen Ice Skating Dolls: Elsa and Anna

Disney Frozen Ice Skating Elsa Doll and Anna Doll
Our rating: 4 stars

Frozen Ice Skating dollsWith the phenomenal success of the Disney Frozen movie, it comes as no surprise that there is a wide and varied range of merchandise inspired from it. The Frozen ice skating doll Elsa and Anna are just two of the possible toys that you can buy from Disney with this theme.
So how do they measure up as gifts? How do they appear to ice skate, and do they have lasting play value for kids? Let’s see what buyers thought.

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Frozen Ice Skating Dolls Video

Frozen Ice Skating Doll Features

* Elsa and Anna dolls sold separately
* Arms move in skating motion when you make them ‘skate’
* Dresses inspired by the movie
* Over 12 inches tall
* Batteries not required
* Age 3-10

Frozen Skating Elsa Doll and Anna Doll Review

The critically acclaimed Disney movie, Frozen, has been a magnificent success, especially among young girls. Towards the end of the movie, there is a beautiful moment where the two protagonists of the movie, the sisters Elsa and Anna, skate on a frozen lake to celebrate the end of a terrifying and ‘eternal’ winter. It is a moment of great joy, love and triumph, and it is this moment that these Elsa and Anna-inspired Frozen skating dolls have attempted to recreate.

Frozen Ice Skating dolls verticalWhile almost all Anna and Elsa dolls from Frozen have been a great hit among the children, the special ice-skating version is sure to soon become a must-have among the little ones. If you push one of these little creations, simply holding on to their ankles, they will bend and make elegant and varied ice-skating gestures with their arms. There is a wheel underneath their ice-skates which is connected to their arms which facilitates this.

For younger children, there is a special snowflake base which Elsa and Anna can be attached on to, making it easier for their little hands to guide them along. Batteries are not required for these dolls, so they won’t simply stop working in the middle of the day as your daughters are playing with them.

As the dolls are inspired from the movie, so are their outfits. While Elsa dons her signature turquoise and white gown, Anna wears a lovely pink and blue one. Some of these clothes are removable too. For example, you can take off Anna’s cape and skirt.

Each doll also comes with a beautifully fitted removable tiara. But removing them would not be the advisable since they are much more difficult to reattach. The skating boots don’t come off either, and the dolls haven’t been created to sit down. As a result, some parents felt the dolls to be a little limited in nature; but they were made to skate, and they fulfill this purpose beautifully.

Due to the popularity of the Frozen movie, be prepared for your child to demand both of these beauties. They would probably want to skate both the sisters together as they watch and then re-watch the movie. They can be a wonderful amusement for those little children who have found a special place in their heart for this lovely film.

These Frozen skating Elsa and Anna dolls have been rated appropriate for children aged 3+ years, but due to their limited ability to entertain, we think they would be ideal for children closer to the age group of 6+ years. It is a wonderful, novelty edition of the movie’s protagonists, and its collectible value would probably best be appreciated by children within this age range.

Parents may not be wowed, but kids will be! It’s likely that many children would enjoy these dolls because of the movie, their bright colours as well as their unique ability to make ice-skating gestures. Many of the reviewers stated that their daughters actually played with the Frozen ice skating dolls a lot more than expected.

Both the dolls have vibrant smiles, and they seem to be having a lot of fun as they skate along, making fancy gestures. While not all parents will be as thrilled, you are almost entirely guaranteed to have a delighted child at your hands if they receive this novelty edition Frozen doll.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published November 25th, 2014

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