Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset

VTech Go Go Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset Review
Our rating: 4-5 stars

Vtech Go Go Animals ZooThe VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorers play set is the latest addition to the VTech Go! Go! range and a great toy for young kids. The colorful set consists of an interchangeable track and one interactive animal that speaks a new fact whenever it lands on one of the 7 “smartpoints”, providing hours of enjoyment and learning.

This set is advertised as being beneficial to kids’ development as well as fun, because it helps develop fine motor skills, coordination and educates them about different animals.

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VTech Go Go Smart Animals Zoo Playset Features

* 13 pieces of track with many interactive features
* Rhino from the vTech Go! Go! Smart Animals line is included in the pack
* Sing along to 3 songs, plus tons more tunes, sounds and phrases for kids
* Batteries are included (2 x AAA)
* Age 1-5 (probably best for 18 months and over)

VTech Go Go Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset Review

The VTech Go! Go! family of toys was created to teach kids while they play with inventive, interactive toys that engage and stimulate them. From the colors they use to the animals they pick, it is all carefully selected to encourage your child to explore and learn. VTech has a proven track record when it comes to children’s toys and this Smart Animals play set is the perfect example of why.

Vtech Go Go Animals Zoo boxedThis Smart Animals Zoo is designed to work and look very similar to VTech’s Go! Go! trains: the tracks are made of durable plastic, easy to put together, in bright colors to attract and hold your child’s attention. The tracks can fit together in numerous ways too, so you and your little one can configure it into various shapes. This helps your child learn how to think creatively and teaches them about shapes, all while helping them improve dexterity. Also, other VTech sets can be connected to it, so you can come up with endless combinations and learning situations.

The animals, though, are the stars of the show. Each animal teaches you something different as you push it along the track and through the zoo. When an animal lands on one of the 7 “smartpoint” areas it will tell you a fact about it, like what its natural habitat is or about zoo life. It will also engage your child in a learning activity, like counting or saying letters of the alphabet, so it’s a good idea to order more Smart Animals since each does something different.

As for its educational benefits, they are numerous: in addition to learning how to improve their motor skills by putting tracks together and pushing the animals around the track, they also learn speech and language. There are various sing-along songs, phrases and names of animals that are taught in addition to letters, shapes, numbers and colors.

This toy is great for kids from 2 to 4 years old, or 18 months and up for kids who are more developed. Kids under 18 months are a little too young to put the tracks together and tend to pull them apart, so they don’t really get the full use of it at that age. A 2 year old will be more careful and if it does come apart, they could likely learn to put it back together, whereas a 1 year old will simply wave the track pieces around or throw the animals.

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorers play set is a great investment as it is well-priced and teaches kids many of the fundamental lessons they need to learn as they grow and develop. It is colorful, engaging and will provide your child with hours of learning fun. A great toy and a sound purchase.

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Our rating: 4-5 stars

Published December 4th, 2014

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