Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying Car Review

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

Hot Wheels Street HawkEvery year around the Holiday season a new electronic vehicle will come out that kids everywhere just have to have. The vehicle gets advertised in stores and on TV. It becomes wanted by millions of kids. Children see it and just have to have it.

This year Hot Wheels is the maker of that must have electronic children’s vehicle – the Hot Wheels RC Flying Car ‘Street Hawk’. Kids everywhere are putting it at the top of their most wanted lists. But what do buyers think? Let’s take a look.

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Hot Wheels Street Hawk Video

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying Car Features

* 2-in-1 RC vehicle, travels on ground or flies around
* Approx 20 mins flying time per charge
* For outdoor use
* Takes 6 AA batteries (not included)
* Comes with 2 spare propellers
* Age 5+

Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car Review

This new Hot Wheels flying car is sleek and modern. It kind of resembles an airplane except for the fact that it has four wheels instead of three. By looking at it you can definitely tell it is meant to fly.

The Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk takes cars to a whole new level. Hot Wheels has designed the Street Hawk to be futuristic. It’s a lot like what we imagine cars will like in a hundred years. This new toy has become so popular that it has been placed on the Toys R Us Fabulous 15 list this year.

Hot Wheels Street Hawk FLying CarHot Wheels is a known and trusted name. They’ve been making toy cars since 1968. Most of the Hot Wheels cars that have come out over the years have been manual. Kids have pushed them around on the floor to drive them. In more recent years, though, Hot Wheels has made electronic and remote controlled cars, and the Street Hawk is one of the top examples. It’s become one of the top selling RC vehicles of the year.

Boys and girls alike will be thrilled to receive the Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car. The Street Hawk RC flying car is not limited to the floor – it can actually fly. They can also be driven on the ground, and can even go in 360 degree circles. This new Hot Wheels toy is so much fun for kids.

Up to 6 of these cars can be used together. They come with a special carrying case to keep them safe and protected when not in use. This is a super cool all terrain vehicle.

This Hot Wheels RC car/plane uses two 8mm motors and a rechargeable battery. A 2.4 GHz transmitter allows it to be propelled off of the ground. It can fly through the air for 200 feet. Two spinning propellers keep it hovering in the air. Your child has the ability to steer the vehicle. When the battery runs low simply recharge it via a USB cable or transmitter.

It can be used by children ages four and over. Keep in mind, this toy does contain some small parts and should not be given as a gift to children younger than four. It may pose a choking hazard. If you have little ones in the house make sure that your older child will be able to keep his or her Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk flying car away from them.

When you purchase the Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC flying car you will get everything you need. You will get the remote control, carrying case, charger, and battery. We’re betting your child will be thrilled with their new Street Hawk. It’s so much fun you will likely want to play with it too!

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published November 20th, 2014

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