The Hottest Christmas Toys For 2013

Toys’R’Us have just released their list of the top 15 toys for Christmas 2013, which they’re calling the Fabulous 15. Here they all are, with our ratings. Check them out for yourself to see what you think!

Technology & Games

LeapPad Ultra

LeapPad Ultra square 250Our rating: 4 stars
The LeapPad Ultra is the latest version of this market-leading tablet for kids. It’s already a huge hit and is sure to be a big seller for the holiday season. Bigger than the LeapPad 2, it includes 11 apps and has a whole new range of additional apps and games to download from the store.

See more in our review of the LeapPad Ultra

Age: manufacturer says 4-9, we think 6-9

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Tabeo e2

Our rating: Coming Soon
Tabeo e2Released on November 1st, this kids’ tablet could finally be the one that will beat LeapPad this year.

Aimed at an older age range (6+) it’s more expensive than the LeapPad but also more powerful. It looks more grown up and comes with a generous 30 apps. See more in our review

Available in blue, pink or silver.

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Xbox One

Xbox OneOur rating: Coming Soon

The new Xbox One – Day One edition will be released on November 22nd, with the standard edition coming out on December 31st.

It’s likely to sell out right away in stores, but preorders through Amazon are guaranteed for shipping on November 22nd.

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Skylanders SWAP Force

Skylanders SWAP Force GameOur rating: 5 stars

This year’s video game for the holidays! Get it for the Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3 or Playstation 4. Age 6+

A whole range of games and action figures based around Skylanders SWAP Force was released October 13th and looks like being a huge hit for the holidays for its age group. See more in our review

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Lego Chima Lion Chi Temple

Lego Chima Lion Chi Temple boxedOur rating: 5 stars

A huge new set from Lego featuring the Lion CHI Temple which has been the scene of a long-running tribal war. The tribes led by Razar, Crawley and Cragger struggle to reach the sacred CHI orb at the very top of the temple.

See our Legends of Chima Lion Temple review

Includes figures, weapons, eagle drone fighter, rotating tower cannon, drawbridge, lion gate and waterfall. Sure to be a hit with kids – a classic Lego play set for age 8+.

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Activity Toys

Razor Drift Crazy Cart

Razor Crazy CartOur rating: 4.5 stars

Drive forward, reverse, sideways, diagonally and every other way except up, in the new powered cart from Razor, with speeds of up to 12 mph.

Seats one child, age 9+ (maximum weight of child: 132 pounds). Razor Drift Crazy Cart review

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Doc McStuffins Checkup Center

Doc McStuffins Get Better CheckUp CenterOur rating: 4.5 stars

With the Doc McStuffins ‘Get Better’ Checkup Center from Just Play, your child can play at being doctor with all of the equipment. You get a plush Lambie to be inspected on the checkup table which lights up and makes sounds while Lambie is being treated.

There’s an electronic diagnosis tool, a portable scale, bandage dispenser and play X-ray machine – as well as all of the regular doctor tools you’d expect, like a syringe, otoscope and reflex hammer.

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Sofia The First Talking Vanity

Sofia the First Talking Vanity.

Our rating: 3 stars

Kids can sit at this enchanted talking vanity and pretend to be Sofia The First from the Disney show doing their face for the ball.

There’s a jewelry box, drawer and eight beauty accessories, and the vanity speaks six different lessons on how to be a princess – in case your child doesn’t already know!

See more in our review

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Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker

Our rating: 3.5 stars

Cra Z LoomThe best thing about art and craft toys is that they keep kids entertained for hours doing something productive where they can show off the results afterward. The Cra-Z-Loom Shimmer ‘n’ Sparkle Bracelet Maker from Cra-Z-Art could be this year’s big seller in this category.

You get 600 latex-free rubber bands in all the colors of the rainbow, onto which kids can weave different designs of shimmery and sparkly bracelets that they can wear. See more in our Cra-Z-Loom review

Instructions are a little difficult to follow but you’ll find how-to videos on YouTube.
Manufacturer’s recommended age range 6+; we think 8-12.

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Despicable Me 2 Talking Figures

Despicable Me Talking FiguresOur rating: 4.5 stars

These figures bring to life the characters of Minion Dave, Gru and Agnes from the movie Despicable Me 2 in realistic talking form. Press their buttons and they talk in their original voices and move at the same time. See more in our review of the Despicable Me 2 Talking Figures

The image is a montage of photos of the different characters and does not represent their relative sizes accurately. Age 4+.

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Ever After High Royal and Rebel Dolls

Ever After High dollsOur rating: 5 stars

The design and costumes of the Ever After dolls from Mattel are reminiscent of their ultra successful Monster High dolls but the theme here is fairy tales. They come in two groups, the Royal Ever After dolls who are the good girls, and the Rebels who are more edgy.

You get a free storybook with each doll, telling her tale. See more in our Ever After High Dolls review

Age: we think 6+

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Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo.
Our rating: 4.5 stars

The 22 inch Big Hugs Elmo from Sesame Street is a lot more than just a plush toy. He’s highly interactive and will hug back, sing songs and dance.

He also encourages your child to play at astronauts, rabbits, frogs or horses together.

Safe for age 18 months and up.

See more in our Big Hugs Elmo review

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Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet

Uggly PugOur rating: 4.5 stars

It’s time for all the cute plush electronic pets to move over – the Uggly Pugs are here!

Kids will laugh for hours at the 30 different disgusting noises of their Uggly Pug electronic pets. They burp, bark, growl and fart, and they can be “tuned” to play back recorded noises that kids make. Kids will love them – parents may not!

Age 6+ See more in our Ugglys Pug review

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Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Flutterbye Flying FairyOur rating: 2 stars for age 5-7,
3.5 stars for age 8+

The Flutterbye Flying Fairy will “magically” fly above your hand, twirling and dancing through the air.

A nice idea but a little hard to control – don’t try it outside or it may be “Bye bye Flutterbye” and you may never see your flying fairy again!

Age 5-9, but we think over 8’s will manage it better.

See more in our review of the Flutterbye Flying Fairy

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Cuddles My Giggly Monkey

Cuddles My Giggly MonkeyOur rating: 4 stars
Cuddles My Giggly Monkey from FurReal Friends seems to come to life when you play with her. She’ll giggle and make monkey sounds when she’s tickled or cuddled. She responds to being swung around and closes her eyes when you lay her down.

She has a banana-shaped bottle that fits in her hand and wears a diaper. A great toy for any child age 4 and over who likes cuddly stuffed animals and taking care of their toys.

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So that’s the Fabulous 15 hottest Christmas toys 2013 from Toys’R’Us. And here’s one more that we think should have made the list:

Furby Boom

Furby Boom Polka DotsOur rating: 5 stars

Furby Boom is an upgrade of last year’s smash hit new Furby.

With a choice of patterned coats, Boom has all of the interactive features plus a few more, including the ability to have virtual babies through an app.

A very cool addition to any Furby family for 2013!

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I hope your little ones will love all of their toys this Christmas – and have a “fabulous” holiday season!

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