Hubsan Quadcopter With Camera Review

Hubsan X4Hubsan X4 H107C Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

Want to get your teen off the couch? Want to buy something your spouse might actually like and have fun with? You may want to think about purchasing a Hubsan X4 H107C camera quad copter.

This Hubsan quadcopter allows you to take videos from the air with a mini video camera built in. However, sometimes RC copters can be a bit annoying or frustrating. How does the Hubsan H107C live up to its potential? Let’s take a look.

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Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Video

Hubsan Camera H107C X4 Quadcopter Features

* 4 channels for flight stability
* Video camera
* Rechargeable battery
* Comes with spare rotors and protector
* Camera takes micro SDHC memory card (not included)
* Controller takes 4 AAA batteries (not included)
* Age 14+

Hubsan Quadcopter with Camera X4 H107C Review

The Hubsan X4 has a broad range of mobility with an on-board rechargeable battery. Although the Hubsan quadcopter’s battery is on-board, it’s small and lightweight, meaning it doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s flight ability. With a body compared to a big egg, the X4 can easily be maneuvered by both beginners and experienced RC copter flyers. Color scheme choices include red/black or green/black.

By installing a micro SD memory card, the Hubsan X4 H107C quad copter can take videos while in flight. Although the videos are not HD, it’s still a cool pro to have a quad copter able to take videos. Do you want a shot from above a tall tree overlooking the forest? Are you curious to know what your neighbors have in their backyard? You’ll have access to these shots and more with the Hubsan X4. You can take shots of pretty much anything at intricate angles.

The Hubsan X4 H107C comes with a USB cable to recharge the battery and give you the ability to upload the videos to your computer from your memory card (be sure your memory card has this function). You can also remove the memory card and download recordings directly to your computer using your designated method. Post the videos anywhere from social media sites to emails to show your family or friends.

Hubsan X4 collageAlthough this aspect is more of a common sense “con”, you need to realize the propellers can be damaged if you crash against a hard surface at a speed. However, if you purchase the Hubsan X4, it will come with spare parts and a protector for the rotors. If you’re a novice at flying a quadcopter, using the protector is a good idea until you gain knowledge of the controls. If you use up all spare parts, they can easily be purchased online.

The flying time for the Quad Copter is only 7 minutes, therefore, the videos you take can only last about that long. If you purchase a spare battery, you can charge the old one and use the spare to keep flying. If children are using the copter, be sure to supervise them to check they have the quad copter under control. The quad copter can become lost if it’s flown in an open field. One reviewer said the quad copter easily reached 100 feet in height.

Be sure to read the PDF manual online especially when first putting it together, charging it, and flying it. Make sure you purchase the right type of SD card, which can be found in the manual. The price for the Hubsan quadcopter with camera is reasonable and it can be the perfect gift for both children and adults – a lot of fun and easy to use.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published January 7th, 2015

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