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InnoTab 2 with boy 1VTech InnoTab2 Review
Our rating: 5 stars

The InnoTab 2 from VTech is one of the second generation of electronic tablets that have become must-have toys for kids this year. With their own tablet, kids get to use a ‘computer’ just like mommy and daddy.
The InnoTab 2 comes with both games and educational apps, and you can download more. It has a lot more potential than a small hand-held games toy and it’s more educational too. We’ve given it 5 stars – read on to find out why.


InnoTab2 Pink* Tough and durable tablet for kids.
* Includes ebook reader.
* Camera/video camera.
* MP3 player and microphone.
* 2 GB memory.
* Comes with 6 apps inc art studio and games.
* Download 2 more apps of your choice free.
* Up to 200 downloadable apps available to buy.
* Choice of color: pink or blue.
* Personalizable for up to 4 users.
* Age 3-9.

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Why Kids Love the InnoTab 2

with girlKids love to have their own versions of things that mommy and daddy use in real life, whether it’s cars, kitchen equipment or electronic products. Tablets for kids are both fun and educational. They give kids a good introduction to the computers that will dominate life for their generation, while being lots of fun too. Kids adore them.

Building on the success of the first version, the InnoTab 2 comes with art applications, an ebook, two games and two more apps of your choice to download for free from the Learning Lodge. It also has an inbuilt camera/video camera.

There is tons for kids to enjoy here. There is a 5 inch color touch screen “just like mommy and daddy’s”. Kids can take, view and store photos and videos. They can play music or listen to stories on the MP3 player. There’s an ebook reader, an art studio for creative play and of course, some games.

The games are educational as well as fun. With the InnoTab 2, you don’t have to worry that kids will spend all day pressing buttons, killing aliens and wasting time. The games are well designed to help kids learn while they play.

You get two games that come with the tablet plus two more to download free from a choice of four. It may seem like they might just as well have given you all six, but in fact this is a pretty good idea. It helps the child to understand that she can’t have everything – she has to choose. She also gets to learn how to download the apps, a useful skill.

Also, a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old are going to enjoy very different apps. Being able to download more apps means that the InnoTab 2 can grow with your child.

Why Choose InnoTab 2?

with boy 2So why choose the InnoTab 2 over its main competitor, the LeapPad 2? We give you an in-depth comparison here but the bottom line is that the InnoTab2 is cheaper. Unless you catch a special, you will save around $20 by picking this one over the LeapPad2.

Compare Prices of InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2

What’s Not So Great

At 2 GB, the inbuilt memory is a little small if kids want to take and store a lot of photos. There is a slot for a memory card expanding the memory to 16 GB which is great but it’s an extra purchase.

Also, if you use regular batteries you’ll find they are used up fast. It’s better to get rechargeable batteries. It takes 3 AA size so you can buy them anywhere along with a recharger if you don’t already have one. Alternatively, you can buy a VTech adaptor to plug into the power socket, then you can use the InnoTab without batteries. But note the adaptor is not a charger – the InnoTab cannot be charged from the mains power like a computer.

Finally, you’ll find that kids are constantly wanting more apps, and you have to pay every time. But this is the case with all similar toys. Assuming you want your child to have educational electronic products, some extras are inevitable. I’d give the child an allowance for downloads, either financial or a certain number of apps per month. That way they get to learn budgeting too!


The InnoTab 2 can do almost everything that a tablet for adults can do, although in a simpler format. It’s educational and fun, a fantastic choice for kids who will love to explore its potential.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published October 31st, 2012

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