Innotab Max Review

VTech Innotab 7 inch Max Kids Tablet Review
Our rating: 4 stars

Innotab Max blueIf you are looking to purchase a kid’s tablet, VTech Innotab Max could be your top choice. This tablet has internet access with parental control features, and hundreds of different apps and games that can be downloaded. It is educational, fun, and seems to have some great features. VTech has a couple of different models on the market, but the Innotab Max is the biggest tablet so far and seems to be a favorite with children. Let’s look more closely to see what it can do.

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VTech Innotab Max 7-inch Features

* 7-inch screen with touch technology
* Pink or blue color options
* On-board still camera/video recorder
* Camera rotates through 180 degrees
* Kid-safe WiFi internet connectivity
* 8GB of storage space
* 3 free educational apps
* 650 more apps to choose from at VTech Learning Lodge (extra purchase)
* Comes with required 2 AA batteries
* Age 3-8

Innotab Max Review

Innotab Max optionsA tablet for kids combines the features of a smartphone and a laptop computer. The tablets are lighter, easier to transport, and have larger buttons and a bigger screen then a cell phone. There are several earlier models of the Innotab, but the Innotab Max has a screen 7 inches in size (corner to corner diagonally) which is bigger then earlier models.

The Innotab Max has a protective cover over the screen. There is also a handle making it easy to carry. The cover can be turned into a stand in one movement. There is also a pen designed for this tablet.

It has the potential for almost unlimited software and can support hundreds of games that have been approved by educators for their educational value. There are many cartridges as well. Also included are ebooks and applications. They can be purchased from the VTech Learning Lodge. Parents do find this to be expensive compared with the LeapPad or apps for a Kindle or iPad, but the tablet itself is priced low. Parents will save money on the tablet and spend it for the apps.

Like tablets that grownups use, this kids’ tablet is operated by a touch screen. It can have four different user profiles. This allows kids to share without messing up each other’s games and other things. Older children will enjoy this feature.

Child Safe Wifi comes standard with this tablet. Parents can rest easy knowing the child cannot get onto an adult website. There still may be some videos on sites such as Youtube that parents do not approve of. There are features that will allow them to block this site and other sites they do not want their child on. Some sites get around the filters and now parents are able to have better control.

There is an app called Kid Connect where users can share pictures, voice messages, and on screen drawings that they made. The kid is even able to send texts to friends and family. A parent has to remember that the Innotab Max is not a phone. It uses a Wifi connection like the computer does. If there is not Wifi available they will not be able to get online. This is true for other kids’ tablets as well.

The included camera is able to rotate 180 degrees. It faces forward, backward, and any other angle. Kid can take photos or videos with it. They can even set up a session for chatting.

The tablet has 8GB of storage space. This is pretty big. If a child needs more storage there is a 32GB micro SD card that can be added and bring the storage total up to 40GB.

This tablet runs on an Android operating systems and works with other Android devices. It is able to transfer pictures from the screen of the tablet to the screen of the TV with a HDMI connector. This cable is not included but easy to purchase or a parent can use the one they already have on their TV.

This is a good starter tablet for kids especially those 3-6 years old. Kids are learning technology earlier these days and this tablet will help them get used to the digital world. By 7 or 8 they may need something similar to that which grownups use, but the Innotab Max is great for the younger ones.

In summary, the Vtech Innotab Max is affordable and is a good purchase for parents who want to introduce kids to electronics in a way that will include learning activities in their children’s play time.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published December 6th, 2014

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