Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

Kidizoom Smartwatch pinkKidizoom VTech Smart Watch Review

Our rating: 5 stars

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch might look like a bright, colorful playwatch, but it is not just a toy – it’s a real working kids’ smart watch. It has the ability to tell the time, take photos and videos, and it can be set to either a traditional or digital clock face.

So does it measure up to the hype? We’ll take a look in our review, below.

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VTech Watch: Kidizoom Smartwatch Video

Kidizoom Smartwatch Features

Kidizoom Smartwatch on child* 4 colors to choose from
* Select your favorite clock face design
* Choose digital or traditional clock hands display
* Takes photos and videos, right from your wrist
* 4 fun learning games are preloaded
* Age: manufacturers say 3-9, we think 4-7

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

The Kidizoom Smartwatch comes in 4 child-friendly colors of pink, white, green and blue that would appeal to both boys and girls. This kids smart watch is an attractive form of wearable technology for kids. As well as the real time-telling feature, it contains a sound recorder within the video recorder that will enable kids to add special effects, and play games.

Kidizoom Watch long blueAlthough the official target age is 3-9 yrs, we think the Kidizoom watch is more suited for the 4-7 yrs age group. Kids older than this would be more likely to prefer the more sophisticated tech gadgets with a greater range of higher-level, more challenging games and features. Whereas kids in the younger age group absolutely love having their own touch screen gadget, and will really learn a lot by playing with it.

Kids have the choice of 50 digital and analog clock face displays to make learning to tell the time a breeze. In these days of digital clocks, all kids should learn to tell the time from an analog clock face as well. Your kids will also like the alarm clock and timer features.

The Kidizoom Smartwatch also includes four exciting educational games:

Time Master: A beat the clock game.
Finger Dance: To improve fine motor skills and coordination.
Super Detective: Problem-solving skills.
Rotating Puzzle: For mind development.

Even though VTech has more games you can download from the VTech Learning Lodge to play on the Kidizoom watch, please keep in mind that it is not designed as a game console to play high graphics games.

The camera with photo effects and video recorder are popular features, allowing kids to take up to 800 photos or 6 minutes of video. They can have fun and be creative, making their own movies or recording their own activities. When the memory is full, you can download them to make more space. The kids will have a ton of fun with the 5 built-in voice-changing effects on the voice recorder.

A very useful feature that parents will love, is the ability to recharge using the inbuilt USB port, just like a phone. That means you don’t have to be constantly buying new batteries. The charge lasts for up to 2 weeks with low usage when used as a watch only, or 2-4 hours of high usage such as game playing. There is even an alarm when the battery is getting low to remind you to recharge.

The Kidizoom Smartwatch is lightweight, and suitable for small wrists with an adjustable wristband, but is also very durable and splash-proof (not fully waterproof), as Vtech knows how kids can be extremely tough on their toys.

This clever little VTech smart watch is the perfect introduction to wearable technology for today’s kids who are becoming more and more technologically-minded. The Kidizoom Smartwatch is highly recommended for the age group, especially the younger ones as it is not only practical, but fun and engaging to keep kids occupied at home or when traveling.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published November 20th, 2014

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