LeapFrog LeapTV Review

LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System Review

LeapTVOur rating: 5 stars

LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System is one of the hottest toys for the 3+ age group this year, offering both educational and active fun for the little gamer in your life.

The LeapFrog system is intended for younger children, with plenty to keep them interesting and moving about. With LeapTV, they don’t have to be able to read or to handle small button controls. So how does it work, and is it right for your child? Read on to find out.

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LeapTV LeapFrog Review Video

Leap TV Features

* Interactive video gaming system
* 3 modes of play: body motion, pointer or regular controller
* Kids can appear on screen as themselves or as a superhero character
* Comes with one controller, 16 GB memory, camera/sensor
* Download Pet Pad games for free
* You’ll need 2 AA batteries (not supplied) and an internet connection
* Age 3-8

LeapFrog LeapTV Review

The LeapFrog LeapTV system contains motion sensing technology, like an XBox Kinect, meaning that controllers are optional since your child can act as the controller simply by waving his or hands around in the correct areas or swiping in the proper direction. Even if your child hasn’t started reading yet, the system has no trouble being able to communicate, speaking and instructing your child through the speaker of the system.

One fantastic addition is the LeapFrog’s ability to snap a picture in the midst of a frantic gaming session, capturing a photo of your child playing in front the television. This also means that many of the games are more physical and motion based, making sure that both their bodies and brains are being developed while they play LeapFrog LeapTV video games. It’s definitely one of the best toys for Christmas or birthday gifts.

LeapTV 2The games, available through both downloads and physical cartridges, each tend to focus on a specific field of study such as science, math, writing or reading. And because there is such a diverse range of ages, education, and intellects among children, the LeapFrog LeapTV system will actually configure the difficulty of the games for the child playing, even shifting the difficulty later on as your child grows smarter with each lesson and gaming session. This fluid difficulty level is amazing as it means your kid is actually learning with the system, not just memorizing answers to skip to the fun parts. And there are many fun parts!

Although most kids prefer the motion sensing method of playing around and controlling the system, a few games take special advantage of the included controller, which behaves much like a controller from the Wii system. Known as Pointer Play, this controller can be used for various action movements in some games, such as bowling in LeapFrog Sports.

LeapTVIn the Classic Control mode, the controller functions like any classic console system’s controller, using basic buttons such as A and B to control the action on screen. This is great for older children in the age range.

When you purchase the LeapFrog LeapTV system, you receive the console itself, the controller with its safety wrist strap, the motion sensing camera, a mount for the camera and all the necessary wires to plug the LeapFrog up to your TV and power it up for its for first jump. Batteries are not included with the system, however, so be aware of the need to purchase two AA batteries as to operate the wireless controller.

You’ll need an internet connection to download any games, including the free Pet Pad game that comes with the controller – it’s not preloaded, and you have to register a parent account at the LeapFrog games library to get it. It’s easiest with WiFi, but if you don’t have a WiFi connection you can connect using an ethernet cable (not included but easy to order, and you may already have one for other equipment).

If your child is wanting a gaming system this year and is still just a bit too young to justify purchasing an expensive new gen console, strongly consider the LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System. The kids love the games for the specially tailored puzzles and the physical fun. And parents love that their children are actually learning and exercising as they play!

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published November 19th, 2014

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