LeapPad 2 Disney Princess Bundle Review

LeapPad2 Disney mainLeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Disney Princess Bundle Review

Our rating: 4.5 stars

The LeadPad2 Disney Princess Bundle from LeapFrog is a tablet designed especially for little girls. The Disney design gives it that extra something over the regular LeapPad 2 – already a great educational toy. It looks cute and appealing and the build is good and strong, but is it worth the price? Let’s find out.


* LeapPad 2 Explorer tablet: see features
* Pink tablet with Disney Princess filigree design
* Disney Princess protective carrying case
* 2 sheets of Disney Princess stickers
* 7 Disney Princess wallpapers
* Age 3-9

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Video – very cute!

LeapPad 2 Explorer Disney Princess Bundle Review

Tablets are now one of the most popular types of home electronic equipment. They’re slim, light and convenient. Adults love them, kids see them and they want their own.

LeapPad2 Disney verticalThe LeapPad 2 Explorer is one of our 5 star toys. It’s been Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in the Electronic Learning Products category, so if you get one, you’ll be in good company.

This is a top educational toy that offers kids plenty of fun while they learn. There are games and applications that cover a broad subject range. In the five included apps alone, kids are exposed to learning reading, English, music, math, art, science and health topics.

Of course you can buy plenty more apps too. There are hundreds to choose from in the LeapFrog app store.

Additional games and apps start at around $5, so it’s more expensive than you might be used to paying for something like iPhone apps. That’s the main downside of the LeapPad and it’s something you’ll want to keep in mind.

Another feature that kids will love is the double front and back camera that also takes video film. Having the two cameras means a kid doesn’t have to turn the tablet around to take pictures of herself.

LeapPad2 Disney Princess boxYou have 4GB of storage on the LeapPad, giving plenty of space for those photos as well as the apps.

So why choose the Disney Princess bundle over the regular LeapPad 2? Well, obviously, for the design.

The tablet itself comes with a custom Disney filigree Princess design and you get more stuff with it too.

There’s a cute pink Disney protective carrying case. You also get 7 Disney wallpapers for the tablet and 2 sheets of Disney Princess stickers. (Sidenote: they’re hidden in the packaging so be prepared to take everything apart to find them!)

That’s about all but for most little girls it’s plenty! Any child who likes pink and princesses will simply adore these extra design features. It turns a regular LeapPad into something that is exclusively hers!

Of course you pay a little more for these extra design features and the Disney name. Check today’s price of the regular pink LeapPad2 without the Disney Princesses here: LeapPad2 Explorer

You’re going to have to decide if that’s worth the extra for your child, but we figure it is. For a little girl who loves Disney Princesses, the carrying case and the stickers will just make her love her LeapPad even more!

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published February 11th, 2013

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  1. Olevia Rooke

    Children’s educational toys are an essential component to every child’s playroom. My son Jack and I took some time out from playing with the educational toys he received for Christmas and went to a hockey game over the holidays. Life would be much easier if we could just accept the fact that kids have always, and will always, spend most their time playing with toys. Toys like these that help them learn while they play are just great.


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