Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set

Learning Resources School setOur rating: 5 stars for age 6+

The Pretend & Play school from Learning Resources seems to include almost everything that kids will need to feel like they are inside a real school, with a working school bell, hall passes, clock and much more. The fold-out display board helps in improving early learning and there’s plenty for both “teacher” and “students” to do. Grab your seat and let’s tackle all the features of this toy school set.

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Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set Commercial

Learning Resources School Set Features

– Manufacturer says suitable for children ages 4 and up, we think 6-9
– Includes a clock, dry erase board, hand pointer, crayons and hall passes
– Includes reward stickers which are very helpful in encouraging learning
– Includes report cards to grade students
– Your child can make and present lesson plans
– Over 149 various learning and teaching supplies
– Pens for the dry erase board are not included

Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set Review

Learning Resources School setThe Learning Resources Pretend and Play School is a good education tool that will provide enjoyment and education to your child while giving them a lot of fun imaginative play opportunities. When playing with this toy set, your child will be able to experience being either a student or a teacher. More than one child can play and many kids will play happily in their pretend school for hours.

It’s a lightweight and portable pop-up instant classroom that easily stores away and can be closed up and carried too. It has a clock with moveable hands and a school bell so that the teachers and students can keep track of time. You can use the clock for helping kids to learn to tell time if you want.

It has a double-sided map to help children learn about geography and it also has an optional refill kit so that the pretend teacher will always have a stock of stickers and papers. There’s a pointer for the teacher, a calendar and a dry erase board. All of these things will add-up to a more realistic experience when children play with this toy school set.

The Pretend & Play schoolhouse has been receiving great reviews, with most parents very happy with what it has provided for their children. Our only criticism regards the age range. Learning Resources say 4+ and suggest that for younger kids, it can help in preparing your child for the social interactivity atmosphere of a real school thus making them more comfortable when they find themselves in a real schoolroom setting. Maybe, but we think it’s really better for kids who can read and are already attending school. They’re more likely to be careful with the materials and get the most out of it in our opinion. That’s why we recommend it for age 6+.

There are plenty of learning materials including math and spelling worksheets. There are also reward stickers to encourage those pretend students to learn and participate. Overall, we’re very impressed with this play schoolhouse which can benefit kids and give them hours of fun imaginative play too.

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Our rating: 5 stars for age 6+

Published October 30th, 2013

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