Lego Star Wars Rebels The Ghost Ship 75053

Lego Star Wars GhostLego 75053: Lego Star Wars Ghost Ship Review
Our rating: 5 stars

The Lego Star Wars Ghost Ships is not the first toys to be released from the Lego Star Wars Rebels set but many fans say that this one is the best. Real Lego builders will love it since there are close to 1,000 pieces to put together. There are also three brand new figures to run the Ghost ship and to fight against the Empire.

Both Star War fans and Lego fans seem to like this ship, so let’s take a look at the special features it has.

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Lego Star Wars Ghost Ship Review Video

Lego 75053 Star Wars Rebels Ghost Ship Features

* 929 piece Lego Star Wars Rebels building set
* Gun turret rotates 360 degrees
* 2 cockpits
* Evacuation pods
* Zeb mini-figure to man the gun turret
* 3 other new mini-figures
* Comes with weapons including light sabre, blaster, unique bo-rifle
* Lego Phantom (set 75048 – sold separately) fits in the docking area
* Age 9-14

Lego Star Wars Rebels The Ghost Ship Review

This Ghost Ship joins many great Lego Star Wars toys. This ship has over 900 pieces. They can be used to build many things but make an impressive looking spaceship.

The Lego 75053 set is not too challenging for most children to build. It is recommended for those ages 9 to 14 but according to parents some younger children are able to construct it as well. This depends on the child and how motivated they are to complete it. They may need some parental assistance.

Lego Star Wars GhostThere are many unique things for children to enjoy. There are four new characters for this ship. They are Garazeb who is a zeb, Orrelios, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndula, and Storm Trooper. If you have other sets this is most likely not your first Storm Trooper. He is good in combat by himself.

Zeb is able to fit into the rotating gun turret. This allows him to get a 389 degree view of surrounding areas. There are two cock pit spaces for the other figures to sit. They come with weapons including a blaster, light sabre, and a unique looking rifle. This rifle has been seen in the Star War Rebels show.

This ship also has a docking station that has been made so the Lego 75048 The Phantom starship can fit and dock here. The Phantom is sold separately. Some customers feel that it should be part of the set, but many Lego fans already have this ship, and if you did not already get it, it is inexpensive. Maybe you could recommend that another family member can pick it up as a gift.

This ship has some great looking weapons, loaded and ready to go. It also comes with detachable escape pods for the crew to leave in case of an emergency. The cargo hold has a model of Holocron which is the holographic logo of the mission the ship is on.

The ship is a decent size once it is built, measuring 30 X 35cm or 12 X 10 inches. It’s true that the Lego 75053 Ghost Ship is more expensive then most Lego sets, but this is because of everything that’s included. Most reviewers are sure that it’s worth the price.

In summary, the Leg Star Wars Rebels Ghost Ship is a fun set to build. There are 929 pieces so it is challenging to even experienced Lego builders. There are many different play options once it is put together. It is a big hit with both kids and adult Star Wars and Lego fans.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published December 8th, 2014

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