Lego Legends of Chima Lion Chi Temple Review

Chima Lion Chi TempleOur rating: 5 stars

The Lion Chi Temple set from Lego Legends of Chima series is another great product made by one of our best known toy manufacturers. This is a customizable building block toy set that includes 7 miniature figures and plenty of other pieces.

Step into this Legends of Chima Lion Chi Temple review and discover what we think of it.

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Lego Chima Lion Chi Temple Main Features

– Includes a rotating tower cannon
– Contains 7 miniature figures and each of them have their own weapons included
– A lion gate that slams and throws a drawbridge trap
– 2 Standard weapons and 4 Chi weapons included
– Reptile raider has a biting mouth and a rubber track
– Age 8-14

Lego Chima Lion Temple Review

Lego Chima Lion Chi Temple boxedThis toy kit represents the battle of several tribal leaders taking place at the Chi Temple. Some of the characters which are from the past Lego Chi Kits are included here. Kids aged from 8-14 years old will learn patience and creativity when putting it all together and will enjoy playing with it afterward. It’s a little too complex for younger children.

This toy set depicts an epic battle. It has incredible details and it doesn’t just provide fun and excitement for kids because it also teaches them about science technology, engineering and mathematics which make this toy set both enjoyable and educational. There are 7 miniature figures in the toy set with weapons. The 7 Chima figures are Razar, Longtooth, Laval, Lagravis, Crawley, Cragger and Ewald. The theme of this toy set is the battle for the sacred Chi orb.

The Lion Temple includes a useable trap which is attached to the drawbridge. Unlike the static Lego toy sets, most structures and platforms in this set can actually be moved. Putting the pieces together and building the set will teach your child that the smaller pieces can be combined to create a larger object.

The tower cannon can be rotated and the vehicles, such as the lion claw bikes, can be moved effortlessly. The entire Lego toy set weighs about 5 pounds. Its other special features include secret ambush entrances, a tower prison which can be opened with the use of a special key, a rotating king’s throne and an eagle drone fighter.

The toy kit has a lot of things that will easily entertain young teens such as towers and prisons, canons, traps and a working drawbridge, waterfall and more. In case your child is finished playing with the toy kit, you can easily fold the walls for easy storage.

Overall, the Legends of Chima Lion Chi Temple Lego set contains exactly 1,258 pieces which will definitely keep your child busy and the huge number of pieces makes the toy kit more detailed to keep your child entertained which makes it a perfect kit especially for all those Lego fans.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published on October 9th, 2013

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