Lego Fusion Town Master Review

Lego Fusion Town MasterLego 21204 Town Master Lego Set Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

For decades, Legos have been a mainstay on the Christmas lists of children of every age. In fact, they also have been known to show up on an adult’s list. This year, you can expect to see the Lego Fusion Town Master top the lists of kids and grownups alike.

This 256 piece Lego Fusion Town Master set (Lego 21204) brings Legos to life. So how do buyers like it? Let’s take a look.

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Lego Town Master Set Video

Lego 21204 Town Master Features

* Build your town with 256 pieces
* Bring it to life as a video game with downloadable app
* Run your town!
* Age 7-12

Lego Fusion Town Master Review

Lego 21204, the Town Master Lego set in the Fusion range, allows builders to design their own town – then bring it to life, using the included baseplate, in the form of a video game via an Amazon, Apple, Google, or Samsung app.

Once connected to your device, the town comes to electronic life for hours of gaming and building fun. For children (and adults) who love to build with Legos, this is a dream come true. Not only can they create their own town, but they can interact with it as a video game.

Lego Fusion Town Master You will need a tablet or smartphone to download the necessary app. This is the only downside, in that the app does not work with all devices. It should work with recent model iPhone, iPad, some Android phones and Kindle Fire HDX, but not older models. It may not work outside of the USA. Check devices on the Lego support website, changing the region (top right) to your country if you are not in the USA.

Assuming you have a compatible device, the set includes a Lego Fusion baseplate that allows bricks to snap on to your electronic device to turn your town into a virtual game.

Using the Lego Town Master app, you will be able to take care of all of your citizen’s needs. Whether they are in need of a new shop downtown, a fire station to serve the outskirts of town, a home for a new citizen, or a delicious new restaurant, you can use your Lego bricks to build it. You may even need to build new roads to improve travel in the city.

Throughout the game, you are given opportunities to earn things, such as rewards, extra power, and studs. To earn them, you are given missions and little games to complete within the game as you work to expand your virtual world. You never know when one will appear because they are completely random.

Included with the Lego Fusion Town Master is the Mayor figure who is there to help you maintain control of the town, as well as take care of the citizens and their numerous needs.

With 256 Lego pieces, you have plenty to get started with. However, should you need more, the Lego Fusion products fit with other Lego bricks of the same size.

Over the years, LEGO has come up with hundreds of fun Lego sets, but this may very well be their best yet. The combination of Lego building with the ability to play virtually will appeal to Lego lovers of any age.

Although the Town Master Lego Fusion set is designed for kids between 7 and 12, it will also be fun for older kids who love Legos and video games. Between the building, playing, and challenges, it is sure to keep them happily occupied for hours at a time.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published November 29th, 2014

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