Lego Wolverine Chopper Showdown

Our rating: 5 stars
Lego Wolverine Chopper partsLego Super Heroes Wolverine Chopper Showdown is a very popular Lego set for children, partly because it represents well-known characters from the X-Men. You get three figures in the set including Wolverine and of course his Chopper motorbike as well as two bad guys (Deadpool and Magneto) and their helicopter. Let’s have a closer look to discover more about the Wolverine’s Chopper Lego set.

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Lego Wolverine Chopper Review Video

Wolverine Chopper Showdown Lego Set 6866: Main Features

– Suitable for children ages 6 to 12
Helicopter has:
– removable cockpit canopy
– rotating main rotor
– 4 adjustable missiles
Also includes:
– Wolverine’s Chopper motorbike
– 3 X-Men Lego minifigurines who are Deadpool, Magneto and Wolverine

Lego Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown Reviews

Lego Wolverine Chopper partsDoes your child love building and playing with Lego sets? Is he or she a fan of the X-Men cartoons or movies? If you answered yes, then they will definitely love this new Lego set. Even for kids who are not familiar with the X-Men characters, this set can provide hours of fun and enjoyment.

The main story behind this Lego Super Heroes set is saving Wolverine from two of the villains in the X-Men who are Magneto and Deadpool. Deadpool has a helicopter which is loaded with missiles and Wolverine has a Chopper motorbike. The mission is to help Wolverine escape before Magneto can trap him with the use of his magnetic power.

This Lego toy set has detailed pieces which kids can put together and start playing with it. Children at the lower end of the age range, say 6 or 7, may need help with the construction, depending how familiar they are with Lego building, but most kids will find it fun. The set can also help in developing and improving kids’ fine motor and critical thinking skills.

Lego Wolverine Chopper boxedAfter construction when they play with the toys this will boost their imagination because they will be exploring in their minds how they will help Wolverine to escape his enemies. You may find at this stage that pieces can fall off which can be frustrating for younger children. To solve this, you may want to glue the helicopter so it remains intact when your child is playing with it. However, many kids will enjoy destroying the helicopter as part of the game and then constructing it again.

All in all, Wolverine’s Chopper Lego set will surely bring lots of exciting hours for kids whether or not they are fans of the X-Men super heroes.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published October 23rd, 2013

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