Little Live Pets Bird Cage and Birds

Little Live Pets Birds: Lovebirds, Romeo and Juliet, plus Cage
Our rating: 4 stars
Little Live Pets Lovebirds
When your child wants a new gift they may sometimes ask for a pet. However, the problem with this is that in the end, you will be the one that may have to care for this pet. But now you can offer them instead, the Little Live Pets Bird Cage with Lovebirds Romeo and Juliet. They’re the latest thing in electronic pets, they snuggle up together and best of all, their cage never needs to be cleaned!

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Little Live Pets My Lovebirds Video

Little Live Pets Bird Cage and 2 Birds Review

Little Live Pet Birds are recommended for children over 5, and it’s possible that kids right up to the teenage years will love them. These cute little imitation birds make noises that simulate real birds, including chirps and tweets. They are also small enough for you to fit in your hand. They also make whistling noises as well, which are fun and exciting for kids.

But the best thing about Little Live Pets Birds, for most kids, is that they can ‘learn’ to mimic their owner’s voice, like a real parrot. There’s a recording device built into the bird that has up to 10 seconds of recording time. So the bird’s owner can have it record their voice, and then play it back so the bird appears to be saying it.

Little Live Pets LovebirdsThese birds can be removed from their cages and enjoyed outside – you don’t have to worry about them flying away! In fact, they don’t fly at all. But in their cage, they can be taken from location to location easily. The cage and the birds are all very colorful which will make them standout.

Inside the cage there is a perch which is designed for the birds to sit on and they can also swing on this perch. When the birds are inside the cage they will make it seem as though they are huddling in and cuddling one another which is very cute. This is the special feature of this Lovebirds Little Live Pets set.

You get the two birds together, and they make lovebird cooing noises when they are snuggled up together in their cage. When you play with them they make happy sounds and the more you play with them the happier they get.

Everything that is needed to enjoy this toy comes with it, including batteries which are of a Triple-A standard. You may also think about getting extra batteries for when these run out.

When you go through to Amazon via the “check the price” link below, you may see that there are several complaints about the cost. I believe that these people haven’t ordered, and have not fully understood what they would receive if they ordered. They’re thinking the price is just for one bird, which would normally be around $20 without a cage. But here you get two birds, specially designed to interact with each other, as well as an extra-wide cage designed to house the pair of them. This seems a pretty good deal to me.

Kids will love the Little Live Pets bird cage and pair of lovebirds, and will appreciate the fact that it is portable and colorful as well as being enjoyable. It could also be a good way of seeing if your child is ready for a real life pet – you can analyze how well they look after this toy.

Real birds could be a fragile pet, but these electronic Little Live Pet birds will be fun and enjoyable and will not cause any stress. This is a great option for young children who want a pet but really require something not as difficult.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published December 5th, 2014

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