Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set Review

Valtech Magna-Tiles® 100 Piece Clear Colors Set Review
Our rating: 5 stars
Magna-TilesMagna-Tiles Clear Colors fit together to form whatever shapes or constructions a child might want to create. There are many different colors and shapes, and the Magnatiles are held together with magnetic strips in the edges.

These magnetic tiles can be laid flat on the surface of a table to make geometric patterns, or they can be used to construct pyramids, cubes and 3D models of any shape.

They’re versatile – but they’re not cheap. So what do buyers think of them? Let’s take a look.

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Magna Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set Features

* Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 piece set includes the following pieces:
* 50 small squares (3 inch by 3 inch)
* 4 large squares (6 inch by 6 inch)
* 11 right triangles
* 20 equilateral triangles
* 15 isosceles trianges
* Age 3 and over, up to teens

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set Review

Schools approve of Magna-Tiles Clear Colors, and also the opaque version of these magnetic tiles, because there is some educational benefit to be gained from playing with these. Young children start to learn about geometry as they start to construct different shapes from the tiles. For instance, they can easily see how a square is formed from two right-angled triangles.

Clear color tiles are available in the Magna-Tiles 100 piece set or smaller sets. Some parents might think this is an expensive toy, but with a hundred tiles to play with, two or more children can be involved in creating a number of shapes and different constructions at the same time. Some parents who start with the smaller packs do buy more than one set of MagnaTiles Clear Colors for their children, but with a box of 100 to play with, there is no need to have more than one set.

Magna-Tiles collageChildren like to create things with Magna-Tiles for other toys that they play with regularly. Older kids can design and create things like castles, fortresses, garages, prisons and any other type of building. The clear colors are more popular because they are see-through, so boys and girls can place their favorite figures inside something they construct and can see where they are.

Apart from designing buildings, constructing cubes and pyramids and making rocket shapes, Magna-Tiles can also be used to make imaginary creatures. There is no limit to the number or type of shape a child can create with them.

A MagnaTiles Clear Colors set is not recommended as a toy for a child under the age of three, although younger infants who have been given them do appear to love the tiles. Any child under three should be closely supervised when using Magna-Tiles, because of the potential danger of swallowing or choking.

A three-year-old can enjoy making random shapes on a flat surface, while an older child will use the magnetic tiles for more imaginative 3D constructions. The best thing about choosing this toy is that it will be something a child or children will want to play with for years, as they grow in knowledge and discover how to build more complex objects.

A MagnaTiles 100 piece set certainly has long term value, and the tiles are popular with children of all ages. It is also worth the cost because of the educational value. The price starts to look even more reasonable when you consider that the 100 piece set of Magna Tiles Clear Colors has earned a 4.9 rating at, with hundreds of reviews from happy customers.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors are highly recommended because they are so versatile, long lasting and provide a lot of fun for children of any age. As well as being educational, they encourage creativity and enhance the use of a child’s imagination. A rare 5 star rating from us!

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published December 19th, 2014

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