Max Tow Truck Review

Max Tow Truck Reviews (Jakks Pacific)
Our rating: 3.5 stars

Max Tow TruckIf your parents bought you a clunky metal tow truck when you were little, I bet you were excited. It seemed like such a cool toy, right? But it was nothing compared with what kids today have the chance to own.

With the Max Tow Truck, you get real towing ability from a vehicle that can push and pull up to 200 pounds, according to the manufacturers. But how does it measure up in practice? Let’s see.

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Max Tow Truck Video Review

Max Tow Truck Toy Features

* Pushes or pulls up to 200 pounds
* Climbs over obstacles
* Talks, with over 50 phrases or sounds
* Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
* Age 6-9

Max Tow Truck Review

If you’ve seen the commercials (or if your child has), you’ll know the Max Tow Truck toy is designed to be so much more than a regular toy truck. It pushes and pulls with real power. There should be no obstacles for this vehicle because it just climbs right over pretty much anything in its path. You can load up the tow truck and watch it get to work transporting your items.

But it’s no ordinary vehicle in other ways, too. This toy tow truck talks. It has more than 50 phrases and sounds it can make, so there are plenty of sound effects to make playtime more fun, too. Kids around age 6 and over will love Max the Tow Truck – in fact, younger ones would love him too, but the manufacturers recommend age 6, probably for safety reasons.

You don’t have to use him for towing. You can have fun just racing him around or making him trundle over obstacles and crash into things. This red tow truck toy is a really fun play vehicle that kids will love, and it made the Toys R Us list of hottest Christmas toys 2014.

As with most toys in this technology age, the fun doesn’t stop with play in the real world. If you have a smart device, there are apps you can use to make Max do other stuff on the screen. You can bring his world alive and play with him in a virtual setting.

There’s even an option to bring your room into the virtual environment and watch Max drive around your room “on TV”. It lets you customize him more, too – like his color, if you don’t want him to be red you can change it (although there are other color options available in real life, too).

Max Tow Truck with childIf you have a little red wagon, or some other kind of wagon, there’s a chain attached to Max the Tow Truck that will latch onto the wagon and it will tow your child’s belongings wherever he wants them to go.

In theory, your child can get into the wagon and have Max tow him around, assuming your 6-9 year old weighs less than 200 pounds. Or he (or you) can sit on a wheeled desk chair to be pulled. Just make sure all safety precautions are in place. And if Max encounters anything that you think it can’t get past, put him in turbo mode and watch him rev up his power. He might get past it.

Unfortunately, though, online reviews suggest that this toy doesn’t live up to the commercials. Parent’s don’t like that it’s made of all plastic. Kids may be disappointed when they get it and find that, in real life, it might not be able to pull them around very far or very fast. You’ll find it will work better in Turbo mode, but then it may not go for very long.

If your child doesn’t have excessive expectations, the Max Tow Truck will be a welcome gift. It’s a good big truck and offers plenty of play opportunities. A lot of little boys will adore it. It’s just the parents who are maybe not so happy with their purchase.

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Our rating: 3.5 stars

Published November 19th, 2014

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