Melissa and Doug Giraffe Plush Review

M&D GiraffeMelissa and Doug Plush Giraffe Review

Our rating: 5 stars

The Melissa and Doug Giraffe Plush is a huge plush toy, almost five feet tall – you have to see pictures of it with kids standing next to it to appreciate the size!

It has a cute face and realistic plush covering. It’s size is perfect for kids, making it seem almost life size. But is there anything you should know before you buy? Let’s find out.

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Melissa & Doug Giraffe Video

Note: the child in the video is younger than the recommended age range

Melissa & Doug Plush Giraffe Features

* Almost 5 feet tall
* Stands by itself
* Soft, realistic looking plush fur
* Very huggable
* Age 3+

What’s Fun About It

Melissa and Doug Giraffe Plush 3For kids who love going to the zoo, stroking pets or watching animals on TV, this could be the toy of their dreams!

What’s really great about this toy is the size of it and the way it stands by itself on four strong legs. The legs and neck are reinforced to give it a very solid feel.

It’s tall enough to seem like a real giraffe to young children. In fact baby giraffes are between 5 ft and 6 ft tall when they are born, so it is just a little smaller than a real baby giraffe.

Its appearance is realistic too. The markings are like those on a real giraffe with spots of brown and tan, and it is well proportioned. The face is real cute with big eyes and eyelashes, and the fur is very soft – you’ll be wanting to stroke it and hug it all of the time!

It’s very durable and should stand up to years of play with no problems. The stitching is strong and the legs and neck are firm. You can drag it by the head or the feet and it won’t come apart.
Kids could also cuddle up to it, lie on it and hug it.

What You Need To Know

The giraffe is tall and seems strong enough for little kids to “ride” on it with the help of an adult as shown in the video, but keep in mind that child is younger than the recommended age range of 3+. It’s not designed for riding. Bigger kids shouldn’t climb onto it while it’s standing or the giraffe might collapse, possibly hurting the child as well as damaging the giraffe’s legs.

It’s also not that stable. If you hit it from the front or the back it would probably stay standing but if you hit it from the side it’s going to fall over. However, this is pretty much what you would expect to look at it. This is probably one reason why Melissa & Doug only recommend it for kids age 3 and up.

The Verdict

This giraffe would look gorgeous in any bedroom or den. Kids love it and make a real animal friend of it. It should be a long-lasting companion, giving children the chance to shower affection on it and have fun with it. A very good choice for the animal lover in your child.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published May 14th, 2013

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