Melissa & Doug Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle

Melissa Doug Giant Fire Truck floor puzzle boxedOur rating: 5 stars

Puzzle toys are always an excellent way for your kids to develop and improve their skills such as math and language, fine motor skills, logic, problem solving and hand-eye coordination. If you are looking for a toy that’s fun and educational, could the Melissa & Doug Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle be the right one for your child? Let’s take a look.

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Melissa and Doug Floor Puzzles Giant Fire Truck Review Video

Melissa & Doug Giant Fire Truck Puzzle Features

– Suitable for children ages 3 and up
– Fun details and bright colors on the fire truck
– Very easy to wipe clean
– Thick pieces, well made and durable
– Contains 24 puzzle pieces which are jumbo sized

Melissa and Doug Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle Review

Melissa Doug Giant Fire Truck floor puzzle boxedPuzzles are often frustrating for younger children because they are confusing and too difficult, but if they are right for the age group they can be both educational and a lot of fun. Fortunately, the Melissa & Doug Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle is created and designed to be played with by preschoolers and is ideal for kids 3 years old or a little more.

It is made of easy to wipe down and durable materials so your child won’t easily be able to ruin or bend the big pieces. It is designed to be easy for 3 year olds to solve so they get a feeling of achievement and satisfaction from completing the task.

Melissa Doug Giant Fire Truck floor puzzle with boyThe fun fire truck and the bright colors are designed to entertain kids. A lot of children are interested in fire trucks and vehicles and so this giant puzzle is perfect to attract and keep their attention while they focus on solving the problem of putting it together.

This puzzle toy set has large pieces and it’s over 4 feet long when completed. It can be easily set on a large low table or on the floor so that your child can play it with others such as you, their siblings or their friends. This will help in developing their social and teamwork skills.

The giant fire truck puzzle from Melissa and Doug’s floor puzzles range has been gaining a lot of positive reviews. The only downside is that the pieces can come apart too easily, especially if you have it on a softer surface like a thick carpet. It’s better on a hard floor.

All in all, this puzzle toy is an excellent choice for parents who are looking for an educational, fun, and inexpensive toy for their child or to give as a gift.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published October 29th, 2013

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