Monster High High School Review

Monster High playsetMonster High High School Playset Review (Mattel)

Our rating: 4.5 stars

The High School playset gives fans of the smash hit Monster High show a two-story arena for playing with the dolls and other Monster High merchandise that is a must-have for so many kids. If your child is a Monster High fan, they’re sure to be bugging you to buy them this Monster High doll house. But is it worth the price? Read on to find out.


* 6 play areas.
* Rooms that kids will recognize from the show.
* Tons of accessories.
* Coffin storage case.
* Makers say age 3+, we think 6+

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What’s Great About the Monster High High School

If your child is a Monster High fan, it’s a sure bet that they’ll love this playset. It’s like a Monster High doll house but because the show is set in a school, it’s designed as a spooky school instead of a house. It’s a large set – you don’t get to see all of the rooms in one picture – and there are a lot of accessories that come with it.

One of the neatest features is the storage case that is shaped like a coffin. Kids will love this and it sure helps that you have somewhere to keep the set.

playset 2There are six different areas: the school entrance, the locker hallway (with lockers that really open and close), the science classroom, the Creepateria lunch room that can also convert into a dance hall, the casketball court and the upstairs hallway. Our two photos (one here and one at the top of the page) show the back and front of the set. There are tons of design features that kids will recognize from the Monster High school on the show.

There are plenty of accessories and this is what makes this set so much more rewarding than many other playsets that you could buy (and justifies the price in our opinion). You get desks and notebooks, creepy foods, neat little working skull locks on the lockers and tons more.

The Monster High playset itself is easy to assemble. Accessories will take longer, because there are so many of them and some of the pieces are pretty small. A lot of kids will enjoy doing this themselves so it’s part of the fun. Kids under 8 will need help putting together the furniture and accessories, either from a parent or from an older sibling.

The set folds up easily to be put back into the coffin storage case ready for next time – or taken to a sleepover to impress your child’s friends!

What’s Not So Great

This is not the sturdiest of playsets and although the manufacturers say age 3 and up, I wouldn’t give it to a child under about 6 years old. The top floor is not stable enough for rough play, the pieces are not designed for small clumsy hands and I think a 3-5 year old would find it frustrating.

The Monster High Dolls are not included so you’ll definitely want to get a couple of those as well if your child doesn’t already have some.

Like a lot of merchandise from TV shows, the Monster High playset is a little more expensive than non-branded items but kids who like the show will love it.


Any Monster High fan over about 6 years old will have an awesome time playing with this arena. Don’t hesitate – they will love it.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published November 4th, 2012

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