New Furby Colors

The new Furby comes in 10 colors:

New Furby colors

They have nicknames too! And they’re all different prices, so check out the pricing in the links below.

Furby Teal

Taboo – Teal Furby

Also known as Taboo, the Teal Furby is cool!

Already one of the most popular colors, the Teal Furby has a mind of its own – just like the others!

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Furby White

Yeti – White Furby

They may call it Yeti, but the White Furby is the cutest of all the new Furby colors – in our humble opinion …

… that’s as long as you don’t turn it into an evil Furby!

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Voodoo Purple Furby

The Purple Furby is super-cuddly with his soft plush coat.

Or should that be ‘her’? – We’re not sure how to tell the difference!

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Yellow Furby

Sprite – Yellow Furby

Yellow Furby loves to play – and like all Furbies, he likes to be fed!

Feed him with your finger or try him with different foods through the free app for your iPhone or iPad. His reactions may surprise you!

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Black Furby

Black Magic Furby

Tall, dark and handsome? Well, two out of three ain’t bad …

… and despite his Black Magic name, this Furby no witch! He’s just as cute and cuddly as the rest!

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Furby Pink

Pink Puff Furby

Pink Puff Furby is hot pink from head to toe!

Irrepressibly pink and cuddly, with thick pink fur, ears, feet and eye surrounds, you’ll love to cuddle your Pink Puff!

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Aqua Furby

Green Man Furby (Aqua)

Meet the Green Man, also known as the aqua Furby!

Aqua Furby is the perfect interactive pet, responding to your voice and dancing to your music!

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Orange Furby

Phoenix Red Furby (Orange)

With some people calling him red, others orange, and others tangerine, Phoenix Furby may be a little confused!

But don’t worry, he’ll rise from the ashes to be your cute and happy pet!

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Plum Furby

Plum Furby (Dark Purple)

One of the latest releases, Plum Furby (a.k.a. dark purple Furby) is the one that connoisseurs consider the most sophisticated!

That’s until they hear him start to babble away in Furbish! But that’s no problem, he’ll soon learn English from you!

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Navy Blue Furby

Twilight Furby (Navy Blue)

All of the new Furbies have super-expressive eyes to show their mood and personality. Twilight Furby is no exception. Treat him nice and he’ll be cute as cute can be. Treat him bad – and watch out!

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The new Furbies are selling like gangbusters so you’ll need to order early to get your choice of color. The most popular new Furby colors are White, Purple, Teal, Black and Pink – grab yours now!

Published October 22nd, 2012

1 thought on “New Furby Colors

  1. Sarah Morgan

    I love furbys and i think that they are really cute and cuddly and i find the evil red ones funny because they are really evil. They only go evil if you keep putting your finger into its mouth. I love them so much and that is why i am going to get the pinky purpley one =) xxx


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