Novi Stars Una Verse Review

UnaVerseNovi Stars UnaVerse Doll Review (MGA Entertainment)

Our rating: 2 stars

What a stunning looking doll! With her blue hair, anime-style features, liquid glitter filling and cute little alien pet, the Novi Stars Una Verse doll certainly catches the eye.

But is she worth the price that you pay? Read our no-holds-barred review to find out.



* Clear body filled with glittery water.
* Alien pet included.
* Glow-in-the-dark stand.
* Clothes are removable.
* ‘Outer space’ styling.
* Age 6+

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What’s Great About Una Verse

There are four Novi Stars dolls and when kids see them, they’re likely to want all four. They are striking looking dolls that certainly grab the attention. The idea is that they are from other worlds and each one has a story, which you can read on the back of the packaging. This encourages imaginative play as the child interacts with the dolls.

Una Verse is a gorgeous doll about 7 inches high, who comes with a little alien pet and a glow-in-the-dark stand. When you have unboxed her (which may not be easy!) the handle from the box turns into a headband for your child to wear, making an extra toy.

Una Verse has anime-style huge eyes along with blue and white hair. She has a very outerspace look and is very different from most other dolls – even the other Novi Stars dolls.

She has clear plastic legs and torso which are filled with liquid and glitter. This makes her unique and a lot of kids will love this aspect. She also has little antennae that match those on the headband that the child can wear.

What’s Not So Great

UnaVerse doesn’t stand up well to rough play, or even the regular play of many kids. Her arms come off very easy and so does her head. Some customers have reported the fluid leaking out of the legs. Her hair easily becomes tangled and can even be pulled out.

For that reason, I think the age range given by the manufacturer (age 6 and over) is a little low. Even older children are going to have to be careful if they want this doll to last. So we don’t think the Una Verse doll is great value, except for collectors. She’s all about looks.


The Una Verse doll looks stunning but she is not very play-friendly. She might still be a good choice for older kids who are careful with their toys and fall in love with the anime-style look of the Novi Stars dolls.

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Our rating: 2 stars

Published November 6th, 2012

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