Paw Patrol Lookout Review

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Look-out Playset Review (SpinMaster)
Our rating: 4 stars
Paw Patrol LookoutPaw Patrol, the smash-hit animated cartoon series has a brand new toy out: the Paw Patrol Lookout HQ playset. The set was designed to look and act just like the one kids see on TV, with a built-in periscope, working elevator and lots of lights and sounds for hours of fun.
With the huge success of the show you would expect the Paw Patrol Lookout toy to be a sellout, which it is, but it has also gotten some poor ratings. Let’s take a closer look at the toy to see why.

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Paw Patrol Lookout Toy Playset Review Video

Playset includes Chase and blue vehicle – other figures and vehicles are available to order separately

Paw Patrol Lookout HQ Playset Features

* Paw Patrol Lookout headquarters with Chase figure and police vehicle
* Tower comes with periscope, working elevator and slide
* Periscope turns all the way around
* Comes with the required 3 LR44 button cell batteries
* Age 3-6

Paw Patrol Lookout Review

The Paw Patrol cartoon has been on the air since August of 2013 on the Nickelodeon channel and was a hit with preschoolers since it first aired. The show takes place in the town of Adventure Bay and is centered around six puppies that each have a special talent. The pups are named: Chase, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Marshall and each episode they take on a different mission to help keep the town safe. They are led by Ryder, a 10 year old, tech-savvy boy who cares for them and sends them out whenever someone needs help.

Each pup has their own vehicle and preschoolers love watching them slide down the tower into them so they can race off and save the day. Kids can learn a lot from the show too, as it teaches valuable concept, like sharing, helping, saying sorry and more. Nickelodeon, once it saw how much kids loved the show, started making Paw Patrol toys for them too enjoy at home.

This Paw Patrol playset is an exact duplicate of Lookout Tower, where Ryder and the pups meet before a missions. The Lookout tower comes with a twisting slide, moving periscope and elevator. It even comes with Police dog Chase, who can slide down from the top of the Lookout into his police SUV cruiser whenever somebody needs him. The big Paw Patrol badge in the middle plays lights and sounds when you press it like the ones from the show too, so kids feel like it’s real.

You can also buy the rest of the pups and their vehicles, as well as Ryder to give your kids the complete Paw Patrol toys set. The pups all fit on the deck of the lookout, so kids can have them slide down one by one, which they will really enjoy. Also, parents will love its compact size, so it won’t take over the whole house.

Paw Patrol Lookout with childBased on reviews from some parents, which you can view by clicking on the Amazon link below, the set originally had some construction faults. Some parents complained that the slide doesn’t stay attached, which can be frustrating for kids. A Nickelodeon spokesperson says that issue has been corrected and reviews have been much more positive since then. Those with an older set with this defect can use glue to hold the slide in place.

Other than the slide issue, the Paw Patrol Lookout set has gotten good ratings and is a solid toy. The playset does require assembly, but parents can do it in less than 15 minutes and you don’t need any tools so it’s easy.

Fans of the show will love the Paw Patrol Lookout HQ playset. It’s well priced, which parents will appreciate, and kids will have a ball with it.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published December 11th, 2014

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