Razor Drift Crazy Cart Review

Razor Crazy CartOur rating: 4.5 stars

The Razor Crazy Cart is another new vehicle from this company to run alongside their mopeds, go carts and scooters. This Razor Drift Crazy Cart is called “Crazy” for a reason that it looks like an ordinary go-kart but can actually do a full 360 degree steering. It’s designed for kids ages 9 plus.

This Crazy Cart even has a unique drive system feature that your child can use that isn’t available on other toy cars or go-karts. Let’s check what’s under the hood for this Razor Crazy Cart and know more about why it is fun and exciting to play with.

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Razor Crazy Cart Drift Video

(We recommend kids wear safety helmets and other protective gear)

Razor Drift Crazy Cart Main Features

– Suitable for kids ages 9 and up
– Drift Bar helps your child to control rear-end drifting
– Variable acceleration foot pedal
– Goes up to 40 minutes with a single charge
– Can support riders up to 132 pounds
– Up to 12 mph of speed
– Multi-directional (drift) and standard go-kart modes

Is This the Right Go-Cart For My Child?

Razor Crazy CartThis unique go-kart can go faster than many other ordinary go-karts which are available today. Because of the speed, parents should make sure that their child will wear safety gear such as knee pads, shoulder pads and a helmet. It includes a seatbelt but it lacks a roof and the sides thus, this is definitely not for small children younger than 9 years old.

It has a Drift Bar that allows your child to have a better drifting control. It has the capability of turning up to 360 degrees and spinning as well as doing other basic car movements such as driving forward and reverse. It can even be driven diagonally or sideways. This go-cart has a rechargeable battery which is sealed. Note that charging can take up to 12 hours when the battery is drained and you get up to 40 minutes of usage from a charge.

Another unique feature of this go-cart is that it has a variable acceleration foot pedal. With this feature, your child will be able to control the speed of the cart by raising or lowering his or her foot just like when driving a real automobile. The price is quite expensive but it is considered as a starter car for kids. Many teens and smaller adults will be able to use it, noting the weight restriction of 132 pounds.

When your child starts to use the Razor Crazy Cart, you can let them get comfortable with the standard mode first before letting them use the crazy mode. Just like other go-karts, it has no brake pedal thus your child will only control one pedal to accelerate and slowly stop. More commonly people use their feet to stop, but there are risks to that.

With all these features, your child will definitely have a great time with this but we recommend you stick to the 9+ age range and take care that they use it in a safe place (e.g. not on the road or on hills).

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published October 17th, 2013

5 thoughts on “Razor Drift Crazy Cart Review

    1. Karen G Post author

      I think the Deluxe can do more tricks, you have more control. But they both go the same speed and take the same max 140 lb weight.

  1. stacey

    yeah i am trying to figure out what the real difference is between the regular cart and the delux model to justify the $200+ more price tag..anyone know?

    1. Karen G Post author

      I think the deluxe is a little bit stronger and more stable, Stacey. It has a very slightly higher weight limit (140 pounds vs. 132). Otherwise I don’t think there’s much difference and I would go for the regular one that we link to if you can still get it.


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