Razor Power Rider 360 Review

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle Review
Our rating: 5 stars

Razor Power Rider 360The Razor Power Rider 360 electric tricycle is an intelligently and attractively designed combination of a tricycle, quad bike and motorbike.

It is most durably built, being something between a tricycle, a motorbike and a quad bike, it is completely safety tested and available to purchase at a very reasonable price, allowing several purchases for the larger family without too much impact on the family finances! So let’s see more.

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Razor 360 Power Rider Video

Razor 360 Electric Tricycle Features

* Performs impressive 360 degree spins, slides and drifts easily
* Speeds of up to 9 mph
* Around forty minutes continual use from one single battery charge
* For safety, the braking system is hand operated
* Age 8+ (weight limit 120 pounds)

Razor Power Rider 360 Review

Intended for children from aged eight years upwards, this bike will not be viewed by your children as a mere ‘baby’ tricycle on which they definitely no longer wish to be seen riding amongst their friends but a much coveted ‘big kids’ version instead!

Razor Power Rider 360 with childThis Power Rider bike is a much more grown up, futuristic and fun option which can provide your children with those impressive full 360 degree spins, exciting slides and amazing drifts on the bike’s high performance and duel inclined rear castor wheels. With just a push of the special button throttle your children can achieve impressive speeds of up to nine miles per hour so they can race and ride with their friends.

The bike has a low center of gravity which means safe and fun enjoyment at all times. It should be remembered that as this bike can reach speeds which are quite a fast speed for a child, it is highly recommended that parents buy all suitable and safe bike riding equipment including knee pads and a safety helmet. The importance of your childrens’ safety can never be understated.

Of course, parents are responsible for establishing exactly what the law states as regards riding this electric power rider bike, for example, whether it is permissible for your child to ride it on the highway, and also ensure that their children always keep within this law.

This Razor Power Rider 360 is a completely electrically powered three wheeler bike which has no pedalling capability. Instead all electric power is provided by a completely rechargeable battery which can take up to twelve hours to recharge and offers forty minutes of continual use from a single charge. For both yours and your childrens’ protection the twelve V lead acid rechargeable battery system is sealed.

This modern and futuristic tricycle has been constructed with the highest quality components which includes a welded steel frame with a double fork design, a chain driven motor and also heavy duty, high performance rear casters and a high impact front wheel. This front wheel braking system is engaged by clamps on the very comfortable rubber gripped handle bars, the unique push button throttle being conveniently located on these handle bars also. There are two folding foot pads located up front in order to keep your child’s feet safely off the ground whilst riding.

If your child is at that stage where he or she is ready to progress from a younger child’s tricycle or bike with supporting stabilizers, then the Razor Power Rider 360 electric tricycle really should be taken into full consideration as an intelligent, exciting and safe option for your active and fast developing children from ages eight years and older. It is certain to provide them with many hours of happy fun, useful skills to learn and really good and memorable social experiences with their friends and family.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published November 30th, 2014

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