Seat Pets Pink Cat Car Seat Toy Review

Seat Pets Pink CatOur rating: 3.5 stars

The Seat Pets car set toys have an innovative design to keep your child comfortable and safe when traveling. It covers the seatbelt to provide more comfort to your child even when having a long trip. It also has pockets for toys, snacks and anything else.

This toy seems like it might be a great option in protecting your child and keeping him or her occupied while having a long car trip. But let’s have a better look at this Seat Pets car seat toy to know if it is really worth buying for your child.

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Seat Pets Pink Car Seat Toy: Features

– The seat pet should help the seatbelt to stay in place
– Easily attaches and removes from the seat belt
– It can support the head of your child in case he or she falls asleep during a car trip
– You can store a water bottle or toys in this car seat toy
– Can be played with in the house too
– There are over 4 seat pets available including the seat pets pink cat

Seat Pets Pink Cat Review

Seat Pets Pink CatThe theme of the Seat Pets toys is “Buckle Up and Snuggle Up”. This car seat toy is made specifically to keep your child safe and comfortable during a car trip. The idea is that your child’s head will be completely safe because the pet toy included will be his or her head’s resting spot.

This car seat toy is supposed to be able to be worn as a backpack because it can store things such as toys, a baby bottle or a phone in the pockets. Your child can even bring the pet along by attaching a sling on it. With a lot of different things stored in the pockets, the car seat toy will definitely keep your child busy and you won’t have to worry about him or her getting bored even when you are going for a long trip.

Unfortunately, there are some issues that you should be aware of about the Seat Pets Pink Cat and the other Seat Pets toys. First of all, there are customers who have complained that they are made of poor quality materials and don’t last well under kids’ play. Some parents have had to re-sew it so that it can be used again.

Second, you have the bonus that it can be used in the car to make the seatbelt more comfortable for them, but some parents find it doesn’t do this too well. It doesn’t seem to work so well with booster seats. It all depends on the size of your child and what kind of car seat they have. But even if it doesn’t go with their seatbelt, they may still like to rest their head on it to sleep in the car. Also, kids seem to love it as a regular stuffed toy.

All in all, your child will most likely love this toy but whether it serves its intended purpose is another matter. If your kids have seen the TV commercials and are screaming for one, you might want to go ahead and get it and they will play with it like any other animal toy. We’re not that hot for it as you can probably tell but it’s the kind of toy that parents may not love but kids do!

3.5 stars

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Published November 6th, 2013

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      You would need to ask the store what their policy is, Roger. I guess it might depend on whether it was still in the undamaged packaging, and whether you had kept the receipt. Amazon will normally exchange things you don’t like, provided the box is not damaged, but you may have to pay for shipping (I never have yet, however).


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